Anyone have an idea how to.

Duplanti: It just treads all over standard paradigms and makes everything confusing. Things like “header” have more than a dozen different contexts. Or gawd forbid you say “page”–it means so many conflicting things that it’s impossible to discusss

Kofoed: A wise man once said “use wordpress to create a blog, use Drupal to create wordpress

Parkhouse: 13:18 Druplicon If you like Drupal, raise your hand. If you like WordPress, raise your standards.

Egli: Gotta love that joke 😀

Groehler: I have never heard anyone say to use Drupal.

Shone: It’s nice to hear someone stand up for droops.

Theesfeld: Btw Hurry are you doing headless on d7?

Kalenkoski: All the tender vittles of insert cms here without the admin overhead

Feistner: As in drupal is just the backend

Such: Mostly your own code?

Hernandz: Hi, i have an ajax function with select on change, i can get the response from the ajax part, i also want to update the div on update, now it is not a unique cl***, it has lot of elements with same cl***, i tried $this in success, but its not working?

Kisling: Richurdjs: got a jsfiddle?

Frenger: I am building an import preview function. I am building a possibly long, 500 list of ulli elements with custom data attributes. When I click “preview”, I want to send a request to the server for every line and act on the feedback I get.

Din: Of course, doing this for that many elements will be very taxing on the browser, so I would like to break it up in blocks of around 5-10 at a time. As soon as one is done, the next one in the list starts – any idea how I can achieve this?

Finocan: Can you help me about why $.mobile.changePage is not working at all in ?

Mcgarrigle: Hurry, create a jsfiddle

Severson: I am getting the following error while trying to create jquery based mobile UI

Chuong: Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to execute ‘pushState’ on ‘History’: A history state object with URL ‘file:///C:/www/index.html#page2’ cannot be created in a do***ent with origin ‘null’.

Womack: This happens while trying to use activate_page”#page2″; function

Farkas: Npranav, seeing that we cannot possibly know anything about your application, you will need to create a jsfiddle .

Villagrana: Juro:its very big code in intel xda which includes cordova.js and many images

Vigil: Npranav, then for your own sake, isolate the issue – then you can create a jsfiddle

Borgelt: And now we can all log in as Gaussian_blur .

Chuppa: Wut? it works on jsfiddle juro

Pollio: Gaussian_blur: there was a time when I typed my p***word in the channel

Baros: Hurry, see, now all you need to do is find out the difference between jsfiddle and your application – maybe you are loading an older jquery version? or there is some confilicting code .

Bourgois: Juro: the thing is, it works everywhere else

Linson: Hurry, where doesn’t it work?

Maxson: Juro: in my logout function, on mobile

Schrieber: I’ve got the exact same code

Finnie: Hurry, is this just a HTML/jQuery website that you are accessing via a mobile device

Sharko: Juro: no, a PHP website I’m using phonegap to access

Grundy: So, on the devices where it works, are you using phonegap?

Halleen: It’s all in the same app

Right: The thing that works and doesn’t work

Tear: Well, there obviously is a difference, so if you find that you’ll probably have an answer

Campble: I’m also comparing syntax, and it’s the same

Beliard: Juro: when I change index.html to ./index.html, it complains

Wollen: That means it actually works

Cirocco: But not with index.html

Rodriquz: Anyone have an idea how to solve my use case?