Is there any shortcut key.

Sachez: KLOs: I use dictation a lot for the notes app on my phone, but .

Sachez: It’s odd to say things like “new line” or “paragraph”

Duffield: Hey guys. i have a problem wherein i cannot access wp-login.php in my site. wordpress is installed at another server, then served up by reverse proxy from a path. eg,

Aleshire: Setup for the server is nginx, and it is important to note that they moved up the index.php one directory up

Duy: It looks something like this

Sachez: Slater: do you have it disabled in your user profile?

Slater: Sachez: oh. that’s thing?

Sachez: Toolbar “show toolbar when viewing site”

Vayner: Nginx config is here:

Slater: Sachez: I’ve never noticed that setting before. I’ve got it selected though.

Shumay: Any help is extremely appreciated.

Sachez: Slater: how about wordpress-admin-bar-not-showing-up-fix">

Sachez: Sorry, awkwardusername, I don’t do nginx

Slater: Sachez: I’ve got 1 – 3 sorted. Ill check out 4. Maybe it’s a css thing.

Mcnaughton: Anyone know: how do I disable comments in image gallery carousel?

Sachez: Nesoi: by the way, take a look at it does pagination and lazy loading for very large galleries. Click on the ‘examples’ link

Sachez: Nesoi: I use the plugin “disable comments”

Landu: Nesoi: Disable Comments –

Sachez: Gallery factory suggestion courtesy of opsec

Slater: Sachez: it’s likely to be a php thing. ‘wpadminbar’ isn’t in my dom

Tereska: I really have a hard time believing in mobile first when it comes to professional publishing

Sachez: KLOs: I don’t see myself getting away from a real keyboard for a long time. I bought one for my ipad.

Rothwell: Yes me neither, that’s why I wonder what Matt envisions

Sachez: Slater: if you switch to twentyfifteen, does it come back

Slater: Keyboards make ipads easier, for sure

Relihan: A web of toilet reads

Sachez: When everyone’s viewing content on their watch, 10 words will suffice :-

Slater: Sachez: I really shuld have thought of that myself

Sachez: Yeah, don’t make me “first” you :-

Slater: Sachez: it doesn’t appear for other themes. but that reminds me that I made a change to the wp-config. I wonder if tht might have an impact

Sachez: Slater: ?php show_admin_barfalse; ? ?

Slater: No, my config change doesn’t effect the admin bar

Slater: Sachez: I’ll grep for that

Muscaro: Slater: theres a chrome extensions that lets you enable and disbale the admin bar at will

Slater: Hmmm. I haven’t used that afaik, but I’ll do a test in another browser

Sachez: I wen tthrough and didn’t see anything about the toolbar

Slater: Sachez: my one alteration in wpconfig was this: define’WP_ENV’, ‘development’

Slater: I made a wild guess that this might have something to do with the issue, but it doesn’t seem to

Sachez: Did you put a semicolon at the end of that?

Slater: That’s just a paste ommission

Sachez: Ok, just looking for low hanging fruit

Sachez: Ok, the ouzo is catching up with me. I’m going to go to bed.

Sachez: This greek place we go to brings out shots of ouzo with the check

Sachez: And tonight was half priced wine night, so staying upright is quite the task.

Bosserman: I’m looking for help with a wordpress problem. Is this the correct place for that kind of inquiry?

Ritums: Is there any shortcut key for inserting pre tags in post?