I also haven’t implimented.

Tardie: I want to have full access as my user to the folder.

Sachez: The key is to have each virtual host run as a different user, so www-1:www-1, www-2, etc. so if one gets compromised, it can’t get to the others.

Mcnaughton: Thanks for the help everyone

Sachez: With Apache, I use mod_ruid2 to do that.

Bricker: In my case, would it be ok to add him and myself to www-data and then chown his wordpress folder as him:www-data ?

Sachez: As long as the umask is correct so “www-data” has write permission on the entire tree. You need that for WordPress to update itself, as well as plugins.

Sachez: The goal is to isolate websites and databases so each has its own user, and no user is shared for db or files between sites.

Fenimore: Anyone know of a good gallery plugin? I’m looking to actually show just one image, and then when the user clicks it, it will load the entire gallery within “X” category.

Spatafora: Not much Sachez 😀 you?

Gugliotti: Opsec: Google result for gallery factory – http://codecanyon.net/item/gallery-factory/11219294

Sachez: Oh, now you show up, opsec!

Gilfillan: Should i have sooner?

Sachez: Where were you when I was in a hole and couldn’t stop digging?

Sachez: Ok, i guess. Mandarin Orange Chicken?

Gilfillan: No, homemade tempeh mole + spanish rice

Sachez: Aside from tempeh, sounds good

Gilfillan: Don’t like the texture or the fact it’s good for you?

Sachez: The texture. I’ve tried, but I can’t quite develop an affinity for it.

Sachez: I can do more or less “regular” soy chunks

Sachez: But a good mole might make all the difference.

Gilfillan: Not fermented. so, not only useless but toxic to us

Gilfillan: If soy is not fermented, it’s muy malo for humans.

Sachez: What’s the command to tell someone something the next time they come on the channel?

Gilfillan: They’ll be notified when they next login to chat, if they pay attention

Gilfillan: The bot here never had that functionality

Sachez: Memoserv nesoi Look at http://codecanyon.net/item/gallery-factory/11219294

Gilfillan: Heh, do it in the notice tab

Sachez: Yeah, I did it a 2nd time with the /

Gilfillan: That’s how people give their nick p*** away ;

Tschoepe: I have a query he can use too bad he left

Sachez: I think the plugin opsec just linked will do what nesoi needs.

Gilfillan: It does quite a lot, want to try it out?

Sachez: Nesoi is the one who needs it.

Gilfillan: Gotta keep the peacekeepers off my tail. pilot!

Sachez: Off to the Greek place for 1/2 price wine and gyros. back later, if not too drunk

Graces: Hello wordpress gurus, I was curious if I wanted to display a large list of name with specific attributes such as {name, donation, rank} and make it easy for an end user to maintain. what would be the best solution for that. A custom post type and custom page template?

Bardoner: Not much love in the room tonight

Ratcliff: In Matt’s AMA on Product Hunt he stated: Most people will be creating from touch devices, and their content will mostly not come from keyboards virtual or physical as an input device.

Ishihara: I am really wondering how quality content can be created without a keyboard? Is there anything I am missing? Of course there’s videos, animation, images etc. But I am still having a hard time to believe that content creating can work without a keyboard?

Ursua: I mean even voice recognition doesn’t replace writing.

Slater: What could stop the admin bar from showing? I’m building a theme and I don’t have a plugin installed to specifically block the admin bar.

Slater: I also haven’t implimented a function for preventing the bar from showing.