Input type=”text”.

Tash: All right, so a few caveats I’m spotting straight of the bat

Akuna: Jiron: pelase don’t tell me to fix stuff unrelated : i’m not there yet in this stupid merge

Iannotti: You are giving $args’current’ a value of 0 all the time, you should look for a proper pagination value first

Viteo: HowardwLo from the commented out areas I presume a lot of people have been doing stuff

Mirabelli: Total is set to 1 as a fixed value, so it’ll never have more pages, set this to a high value popular ones include 99999, 999999 or 9999999

Pyros: ScoDal: thats me getting rid of what ever people have been doing

Schelling: Dang man you type fast HwardLo

Canney: Jiron: how do i get current page number?

Conterras: ScoDal: video games :

Mazzarella: Max 1, get_query_var’paged’ ,

Rosebaugh: Have a look at

Lopau: Oh you need to like actually grab and store the current page number?

Berti: I’m always after page 2 and

Larger: You should always grab the page number =

Bortz: Plop that loop in and fudge it a little to suit your needs

Riesen: ScoDal: i really prefer not to use anymore code than i ahve to :

Sosa: Well let that be the last code you have to use lol I mean I got most of it from WP do***entation

Pangrazio: I’ve been trying to stick to exactly the proper way to do everything

Proehl: I used to hack stuff, but I don’t wanna be like that no mo

Longinotti: The lazy load is an add on, it might not suit you, you can uncomment what I commented out if you want normal nav

Mac: Jiron: i’m not sure if this is related, but i just got this error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2852

Pen: Jiron: could be the server, any idea?

Elsass: Is there a quick way to make a post available to anyone with the link, but not have it show up on the front page?

Aupperle: Fris: first time playing with it today here. been to #twilio?

Tag: Or where you headed with this?

Macknight: Looking for a way to get my call log to wordpress even. trying to set up adroid app

Brandley: Hi guys, anyone can help me on “multisite can’t access /wp-admin/network/plugins.php” ? what could be wrong?

Lokan: Check your php error logs

Blaske: Does anyone know how to change a wp_query to include a LIKE statement?

Anitok: Opsec, what could be the cause of this? SoftException in Application.cpp:261: File “/home/USERNAME/public_html/wp-admin/network/plugins.php” is writeable by group, referer:

Candozo: Oh tnx. I think I fixed it.

Paa: Anyone knows how to retrieve contents from a textbox using get_option or something similar?

Rudden: Opsec:

Halloran: You wanted to get me?

Hilaire: Berryman, no, I’m from Lizard

Ferrario: Remember Parlamentario?

Theophilus: Opsec:

Ipock: Opsec, I’m creating a plugin

Norals: Input type=”text” name=”buttcoin-tipping-account” ?php get_option’buttcoin-tipping-account’ ? /

Tehan: wordpress/">Http://

Smeja: Where it says: Now lets display the section and its option fields.

Demario: Input type=”checkbox” name=”social-share-facebook” value=”1″ ?php checked1, get_option’social-share-facebook’, true

Wiechmann: I did there a textbox

Thornbrugh: How can I retrieve textbox content?

Schmutzler: Input type=”text” name=”buttcoin-tipping-amount” ?php get_option’buttcoin-tipping-amount’ ? /