Havvy: Im not a total noob,.

Loertscher: Hickam how else I can achieve this effect easier?

Hickam: RonRichie: http://jsfiddle.net/r91Ly0oc/21/

Callabrass: Hickam aw, cute. thanks :

Hickam: RonRichie: and here’s how you can do it without jquery: http://jsfiddle.net/r91Ly0oc/27/

Rasband: Hickam fair enough : thanks for this example too

Blagg: Hickam one more question please, Im trying to use my old method, and this wouldn’t work for the second button, why tough? since I think .trip ul li applies to all li children of ul, isn’t it ?

Marrison: But it works for the first one though

Sandefer: Hello, Im not actually a web developer, I learned HTML and CSS myself just because I liked them, starting from several years ago, now I can do whatever I want with them, I want to learn more, and Javascript is something that I can’t avoid anymore.

Wakley: Atralheaven_: Eloquent JavaScript is a comprehensive introductory Web-based book with examples and a built-in interpreter. http://eloquentjavascript.net/

Vento: I have a few questions about it, some general questions about JS itself, not technical stuff about scripting

Dais: That book will answer a lot of questions, but feel free to ask in here too.

Lowcks: Havvy: Thank you so much, for learning, I think I would use w3schools, it always helped me. but now my questions are about JS itself

Dais: W3schools is actually a really low quality website.

Wakley: Tcsc: W3Schools is not related to the W3C and has many problems: http://w3fools.com/

Knipple: Btw my english is not so good, if anything was not clear, just ask me to explain more

Sampica: One thing that im worry about, is when a user’s browser javascript is disabled, or the user browse with a device like an old phone that doesn’t hava js enabled. is this something that I should care? does it happen? or its rare?

Dais: That depends on what you are building. In general, if you can build something that works without JS, make it work without JS first. Then have the scripts “progressively enhance” the experience.

Mattan: As a way to solve this problem, can JS run on server side instead of client side?

Dais: JS can run on the server side – it doesn’t actually solve it though.

Omara: Atralheaven_, content sites blogs, ecommerce, etc. should work without js

Dais: Though I always build progressively, so the rest of the site functions without JS.for now.

Macon: Actually it depends on where the JS is used. I just read about stuff working with js, like json

Watlington: Havvy: you should write your game in Elixir so it doesn’t need JS

Dais: Dekok: It’s multiplayer, so I need websockets.

Galstad: I like the idea of separating content from structure

Rupp: It seems that it can be used for it?

Duos: Imagine I keep my data in json, and use html as structure, then having js enabled would be so important

Ronnie: I want to know that can I relay on js in important things? if almost all users have js enabled and use it, why not? but if not having js is not a rare thing, it wouldn’t be a wise choice to use js for basic stuff

Pacquin: Main/important stuff*

Farahkhan: Atralheaven_, it really depends on what you’re building

Parziale: There are other advantages to rendering on the server like SEO and page load speed

Dais: If the core service provided by your website does not require JS, then you should not require JS.

Yaiva: Schaetzle: js can be on server side, does it help?

Dais: Atralheaven_: JS on the server side is like any other language on the server side.

Farra: I don’t have specific thing on my mind, I want to know capabilities, potentials and downsides of js

Pourner: Havvy: I haven’t used any of them 😀 may you explain me more?

Ozaki: Havvy: Im not a total noob, I just don’t know much about anything other than html/css in web development