Oh yeah I know that, I.

Selman: For anything that compiles to CSS, you could use Bower. Or you could use npm. Either works.

Lynaugh: Baxx: firebug hasn’t been necessary for a while, and the default firefox dev tools are dark themed

Meiggs: Baxx: is firebug even maintained these days? Hasn’t it been entirely replaced by the native dev tools in Firefox?

Dunnigan: Firebug is still maintained but who knows why

Stuchlik: I might rekindle it with an issue

Sakihara: No, a lot of people still think you need it to debug in firefox

Theimer: Even though firefoxes built in tools are really good

Francher: Better in some areas than chromes

Stuchlik: I’m going to remove it

Agriesti: Firefox has some very interesting tools there.

Fontanella: Some of which are seem more interesting than useful, like the “3d view of your webpage’s layers”

Timchula: The debugger has become very decent

Cady: The webgl inspector is nice and i’ve been meaning to try out the canvas debugger

Yanity: But handling of breakpoints not so much

Salwasser: I’ve never had an issue with its breakpoints

Lysher: No as in adding/disabling

Trupp: If you have many source files it becomes awful, because the breakpoints are listed under the corresponding source file

Stuchlik: Default theme is light for me, if that’s of any interest whatsoever i’ve changed to dark

Corsaut: Hm, maybe it’s only the developer edition that defaults to dark

Stuchlik: Does that come with firebug preinstalled?

Buris: Baxx: nothing comes with firebug installed, as there’s no need for firebug today

Gadsby: It’s also not maintained by Mozilla, so they wouldn’t ship it

Stuchlik: Dekok: no cool, the default is *so* much nicer to look at, not sure why i had it

Stuchlik: I’ve been writing everything out on paper

Lifford: My chrome extension is finished!

Sporn: Perfect timing to find a flaw with the entire idea!

Marbut: When you’re finished, is the best time to find a flaw with the entire idea of a project.

Stuchlik: Frogdr: : There was a post on reddit somewhere along the lines of ;

Lueckenbach: Rolling one’s own security makes me a sad kitten

Stuchlik: Https://www.reddit.com/r/learnprogramming/comments/3ko3wo/would_you_review_my_two_year_long_work_a_foreign/cuz3r96

Stuchlik: I haven’t looked at the code – I don’t mean to be rude to the OP – just that part felt relevent and made me laugh a bit as it’s something that I could easily see myself doing ;

Moffit: Hey wussup folks, can somebody help me with this? Im learning jQuery and as my first steps Im trying to work this out, but it doesnt seem to change the button text and remove the button afterwards http://jsfiddle.net/r91Ly0oc/14/ ?

Hickam: RonRichie: ids are and should be unique on a page. Instead, you want it to be a cl***. Also, you have a syntax error.

Hickam: RonRichie: take a look at a working example: http://jsfiddle.net/r91Ly0oc/19/

Bender: Hickam ahh awesome: just noticed the error, today is my first day even learning jQuery, so im kind of practicing random stuff and learning from codeschool, but something is a bit off for me, is this the usual pattern to use if you wanna change a button’s text? I thought they should have been concise/more intuitive way of accomplishing this end result?

Nasalroad: Why would you change a button’s text ?

Hickam: It’s quite easy to change a button’s text. Though, that isn’t what your example does.

Claghorn: Nasalroad i dont know for now, this is my first day of learning jquery from codeschool and im on level third this is what im practicing :-/

Knoepfler: Hickam so then what does my example do lol ?

Hickam: Removes the button and adds some text instead of it

Viruet: Oh yeah I know that, I meant, the end result is basically changing the text on buttonat least the way it renders in the browser