In fact I’m using it dcr,.

Scheiner: Junior, it could be several different reasons without knowing the exact setup you. BTW is “pagely” hosting, or an actual plugin?

Laffer: Is there any wordpress function which display day and date like September 23rd ?

Kegerries: Shahrukh –

Zaren: LatoSans if i disable the “pagely” the view is counted

Bavard: LatoSans it’s hosting, but also a plugin where i can chose to have cache in cdn

Fleitas: So i ***ume that my pages are cached so they don’t arrive on the server to have the visit counted

Depung: Junior – if it works when you disable the plugin and it involves caching, then it’s a pretty good chance that’s the reason. You might want to contact Pagely’s support.

Quinzi: In WP, how do I insert a PHP variable on a page? I want to shoe the user ID of the user currently logged in.

Quinzi: I thought this would be a trivial thing to do, however, I have been googling around and did not find anyone who do this.

Panaro: Hey, im running wordpress with docker, using the wp-image. is there a way to use the same image with a multisite install?

Sprengeler: Hey, anyone who could help me out with making pages on my blog/site show posts from certain categories? All the plugins I’ve tried don’t really do the trick :/

Vanez: Hey, anyone who could help me out with making pages on my blog/site show posts from certain categories? All the plugins I’ve tried don’t really do the trick :/

Terherst: Attach it to a generated page.

Perteet: Terherst:

Casuat: Terherst: I might have poster my questions oddly. I want the frontpage to show 5 most recent posts, and the other pages ie. Cars to only show posts from the Cars category.

Terherst: Grab cars and sort by date an limit them?

Terherst: Oh you are using plugins? I thought you were writing it in a template file to grab the data.

Savko: Terherst: I can’t code to save my life. So was hoping there was a simple way to do it, or a plugin šŸ˜›

Shobe: Almost made it with WP Posts Filter plugin, but it keep showing a grey/whote box around my post.

Silk: Just thought there must be a plugin for it, since I can’t be the only code-noob to want this function šŸ˜›

Kinsler: Http://***ent/digitaldownloadable-product-handling/ When choosing a file, and the file is an imagefile, the file is not uploaded. Is this a bug, or can woocommerce not accept imagefiles jpg etc as downloadable

Douillet: Zeeflo: Why not zip them

Duryee: Because the file should be an image

Luffy: But it seems to work with .zip etc

Douillet: Seems like you should have a p***word protected zip

Douillet: Generate a zipped image with users pw

Mossor: Douillet: i am asking if woocommerce can handle imagefiles as downloadable files

Douillet: Zeeflo: I’m sure it can

Douillet: OR can be easily modded to

Pradhan: I have one problem with and You can switch by Punky Gastronomiczne in menu Punkty Gastronomiczne i want to have colored which site i use. In main pages they are, but in subpages are not.

Edemann: How Can i do it colored in whole of my sites?

Venible: Hey guys where are the pages stocked in the database ?

Ruane: Do I understand this correctly? You can’t allow a user to upload and edit media but block them from adding posts because images and posts are both considered posts?

Vanlue: Venible: In posts, but with the post_type ‘page’

Abbate: I’d like to set up two roles, one which can add blog posts and one which cannot. But I’d like both to be able to add and edit media. As far as I can tell it’s not possible?

Miklos: Ow1n, checkout the “members” plugin, it might give you the scope to do that

Courcy: In fact I’m using it dcr, but under the ‘Media’ category it shows only an ‘upload_files’ capability