I have an issue related to.

Coteat: I’m looking for a simple plugin to count post views and track the evolution, per page and overall. there are so many available, i wonder which one is best practice

Loukas: Robrecord, don’t care about underneath of wp_reset_postdata just go on line 26 till 59

Feeny: HackHand : so you are not even looking to display the main query, just the altered one that you have created at the top

Vigue: HackHand – why not use a posts archive? or a taxonomy archive if that’s more relevant

Beltran: Im trying to add google ****ytics to my header.php , i wonder if i can add just above “/header/ tag?

Hacking: HAckHand – basically the page number is not being set properly, and you would avoid that if you could use a posts archive template

Guillereault: Sorry – I can’t help any further, I have to go. I hope that was useful to you anyway.

Lafaso: Robrecord, thanks, I will figure it out on my own :

Patchell: Ramkam2013: I like WP Statistics. Some people prefer slimstat

Swierczynski: Beltran: yes, you can

Navor: Beltran: or use GA by Yoast

Hannibal: Is it possable to push categories out to many sites at once in multi-site?

Beltran: Micalm: ok, havent got any updates yet, but ive read now that it will take a while before it starts to track

Beltran: Micalm: so is it preferred to use ga by yoast?

Praley: Beltran: if you’re using Chrome I recommend getting Google Tag Manager & Page ****ytics by Google plugins, don’t know if they’re available for other browsers

Sernas: Beltran: No, it just has some nice features. But the overhead of another plugin is still there. ;

Beltran: Micalm: yes i thought of the overhead that additional plugin creates. so therefor i followed some recommendation to add the ****ytics code this way https://paste.debian.net/313001/ , it looks right or?

Santoscoy: I’d just paste it in the theme, but I’m just m***-producing ****ty WP sites for the moneyz. :

Ells: Micalm: Please help us keep Bertman a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Beltran: It wont show any real time usage and says believe “tracking is not installed” but i believe its just cause google ****ytics takes some time to update? , when i view the page source the script is there.

Pattillo: Yeah, it does take 5-30 minutes sometimes.

Beltran: Micalm: do you add the snipped above the /head tag or below body ? im not sure where to add since sometimes ive read that it should be added below body and sometimes above head.

Beltran: Micalm: i added it last night, and still no update :/

Fetrow: You sure your id is not XX-XXX etc? ;

Quirk: Beltran: msg me the domain, I’ll check. Bored at work anyway.

Fabio: Hi everyone. I’ve created a child theme from the Spacious theme, but it seems that the child didn’t inherit widget areas. Is this by design or did I mess up something? Thanks

Slater: Casis: this one? https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/themes/spacious/

Berninger: Slater, yes, exactly :

Slater: Casis: how far have you gotten creating your child?

Cuchiara: Slater, pretty much the skeleton, style.css and functions.php which only has one function

Slater: Can you pastebin those?

Jacobsma: Hmm, wait, do “Theme settings” transfer when I create a child theme?

Gilliss: If not, that may be my problem

Kellett: Slater, okay, I’m stupid, there are settings for sidebars in theme settings page, I forgot to change those.

Lenior: Problem solved, thank you though

Slater: I noticed that you posted that question earlier today, so you’d been wrestling with the problem for a while

Slater: I just installed the theme now to look at the settings

Littledave: Slater, I was, I’ve created that child theme yesterday when I was sleepy already, don’t know what I was thinking

Streicher: I have an issue related to the views recorded for my posts – the issue is that the number of views is not increased instead of 1000-200 visitins i have below 50. I ***ume that it’s the “pagely” plugin but i am unsure. Could it be other reasons?