Username, p***word,.

Miklos: Ok, so perhaps that doesn’t help then. Sorry about that

Voccia: Thanks for the suggestion though dcr.

Buerstatte: Hi, does anyone know a plugin or a short piece of code, that will make a page on my site show posts only from a certain category?

Patchell: Mumsy: you already have that. Just add a category, publish a post in it, and depending on your permalinks you can see it at

Bobseine: Mpol: OMG I’m so retarded xD

Watte: Could have just built my Menu to Custom Links, or built it to Categories.

Einfeldt: Going to hang myself in the closet now.

Sokolski: How can I add a logo header image to a mobile version of a wordpress site?

Wrench: Does WordPress have any included methods for loading pages with AJAX? Not done this before. I’m building a microsite which was intended to be just bespoke PHP, and it needs to load pages into a central div. But the client wants to manage the page content with WordPress

Beitel: Fran__: There’s a few approaches

Singson: Fran__:

Bhatt: That’s how you usually do AJAX calls in WordPress, there’s also a new JSON REST API coming has details on it and a feature plugin you can grab if you want to use it already now

Galdames: Hello, using a plugin. No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA with wp3.8.11 . use this plugin in many other sites never had a problem. I’m getting some kind of nonce error when I try to save any changes to the settings. “Are you sure you want to do this?” except there is no link to click yes or no. The plugin author hasn’t been much help, I’ve tried resetting the salt keys, deleting all cookies, deactivating all plugins. Is there anything else

Wason: I can do to troubleshoot this? Thank you.

Oxborrow: Wyclef_: Any way I can convince yo uto upgrade to 4.3.1 ?

Lutchman: I’m on the path to doing that, trying to stabilize as much as I can before hand.

Ibbotson: Was there a specific nonce problem with 3.8?

Teaster: I just like it when people use the latest and greatest for their own benefit :

Mcright: Any ways, did you leave the page open for a prolonged period of time by any chance ?

Benack: Or multiple tabs that could be causing confusion for the nonce generation

Lockerman: Have you tried disabling other plugins/themes ot see if any of them are interfering

Marci: I’m trying to use php -a with WordPress, but it’s not working as expected, any ideas, why?

Marci: Http://

Ihnen: Yes, i tried disabling plugins

Artman: I haven’t tried disabling theme but would that really interfere with admin panel?

Diefendorf: Hi all, need some help with this , it creates user with correct role/username/email, but nickname display_name and other is not working, what am I doing wrong?

Folz: Yeah, a theme can do anything a plugin can

Tuberman: How can I add a logo header image to a mobile version of a wordpress site?

Gechas: Marci: You’ll probably get weirdness

Thoben: Hmm. let me try deactivating the theme real quick and see.

Bartosz: Try defining WP_LOAD_THEME as false first

Marci: Techshop: depends on your theme.

Stutts: By first I mean before you pull in the WP loader

Linenberger: Canestraro: how do i do that?

Fregoe: Wyclef_: That was for marsjaninzmarsa

Cardero: I have a list of external links to articles my organization has written across the web. I’m trying to find a good way to display them other than just a generic list of links

Marci: Canestraro: no difference.

Throgmorton: _Zodiac you cant p*** nickname to wp_create_user

Throgmorton: That function only accepts 3 args

Throgmorton: Username, p***word, email