If you have limited users.

Hertle: Https://infinitewp.com/addons/manage-users/

Chrisman: In those cases, different developers/designers get individual accounts

Fedie: You should seriously go through the site

Chrisman: I am, there’s just a lot of stuff on there, lol, though that looks decent

Chrisman: That could quite literally be perfect, too bad I know the moment I pitch this I’m effectively volunteering to install the plugin on every single WP site, ah well, if it makes **** easier

Stevener: Nate: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Chrisman: Doh, forgot about that

Chrisman: Thanks for that link and the infiniteWP suggestion

Bolz: Be an employee that uses smart tools to solve difficult problems :

Tyska: When importing/exporting custom post types: how do I preserve media?

Chrisman: Dopazo: I’m largely WP unfamiliar these days so I generally don’t even know where to start looking for things like that sadly

Mccure: Trying to change the font awesome icons within this website http://unit1fitness.mystagingwebsite.com – However I can’t find the icons in the theme files, any ideas?

Chrisman: Which is why I’m glad this channel is here

Stoeger: They are the icons in the section with the woman and the smoothie

Edie: Nate: Generally – if you are facing a problem, and it’s WOrdPress, someone has done something to fix it :

Caren: It’s just that widely used

Patenaude: CMFDesign: Just grep for fa-bolt

Chrisman: Oh I know, just usually a bit headachy too, at least when thrown into a particular ‘model’ like I am, lol

Gama: Dopazo: I wouldn’t know how to do that search as I don’t know how to access terminal with my wordpress host.

Furbush: You’ll need access to the files and/or db

Rodenbeck: I can access the files.

Chrisman: Dopazo: random question though, do you know offhand how InfiniteWP works in relation when the WP installs are across multiple servers and the DB’s are all on a dedicated server? Should probably be fine since it’s working through each of those WP’s individually?

Melencamp: Well it seems impossible

Kettler: No one else seems to be able to do it either

Chrisman: CMFDesign: If you have SFTP access you SHOULD have SSH access generally, which would give you access to grep

Heye: Nate: Yeah but I have no idea how to connect via SSH using this wordpress host, I am using pressable.

Norway: So i connect to SFTP via a url rather than an ip

Chrisman: What software do you use? You can SFTP to a hostname or IP, it doesn’t really matter client-wise that I’ve ever seen

Chrisman: Realistically you’d want to use if on windows something like PuTTY or KiTTY, using the same exact login details you use for SFTP

Forquer: Nate: on mac, just use terminal.

Hauger: Meh. just download the files to your computer and use some search function

Laflamme: Nate: for SFTP I use Cyberduck or Filezilla.

Chrisman: What Dopazo suggests works as well, just about any webdev IDE will have some kind of “Search all/Search Folders” functionality, lol

Apking: Dopazo: there is a LOT of files, I’ve opened and searched them 1 by 1 and Halcom. Is there any way to open multiple files and search them at once using sublime?

Poundstone: Can’t teach you what to do, I use an IDE, so it searches all files if I want it to

Strano: I ***ume sublime whilst not being an IDE can do it too

Filo: There is no simple way to query all users with a certain capability, that is correct?

Blackston: Get all users then check is_role

Borghoff: I’d ***ume if roles are saved as meta, you can use WP_User_Query

Filo: Just all users? I resorted to 3 queries with editor and admin and author role. Hmm, one query is cheaper probably

Beddoe: If you have limited users sure