Not specifically, there are.

Tacdol: MU plugins are not dependent on multisite installs

Chrisman: So rather than go through each site they had access to which we already have a script that will search all WP DB’s for their user_email and manually disable them I was just gonna automate it based off our user_email search script

Neidich: Moving forward you should use some service / plugin to control all those sites from one dashboard

Newbraugh: Eg. MangeWP, InfiniteWP

Chrisman: Dopazo: Not exactly sure that would be possible, more so if they otherwise merge the sites in any form or manner

Chrisman: Like I said there are generally plugins in use that support -no- multi-site models whatsoever

Chrisman: But I’ll look at those and see what they can do

Chrisman: At the moment it’s looking like if I go the route I wanted to initially, then setting in usermeta the wp_user_level to 0 and the serialized data in wp_capabilities to something like a:1:{s:10:”subscriber”;b:1;} then it should theoretically work, would need to test it some

Sassman: ManageWP/InfiniteWP etc aren’t multisites

Schumans: They are also just a plugin and a control panel interacting with said plugin and in the future interacting with the WP-API I would expect

Lokan: I use iwp with a multisite install

Lokan: I just added the main install to it

Esteve: Opsec: Good experiences with InfiniteWP? Been considering it

Chrisman: I’ll pitch them at the other sysadmin and see what they think, or if it’s even viable with the mess of things we have

Lokan: I have 6 installs of it, it’s great.

Nieratko: Nate: I’d suggest it makes you a good employee to put an end to the perpetual problems

Lokan: 1 is just for managing like 30 sandboxes

Kirtdoll: Opsec: Did you get the addon suite?

Chrisman: Dopazo: IF it can put an end to them 😛

Lokan: There’s many great features in what you get for free, i’ve never needed to buy any modules for it in 3-4 years

Chrisman: Considering the number of sites we have, the costs of those services could quickly outweigh the benefits unfortunately

Lokan: I can update all sites at once, separately, omit plugins or themes from updates by site, etc

Mcleoud: InfiniteWP’s base version is free

Jalomo: Opsec: Are you allowed to manage users too?

Lokan: Yes, i’ve never needed more than that, it’s fairly well featured already

Lokan: Dopazo: you can just one click login to 1 or multiple sites and manage anything you want

Lokan: Once you’re logged in and have your sites added to the main iwp install, you can click any site and it opens that sites admin panel in a tab for you

Lokan: Or you can just update any variety from one to every theme and plugin in all sites with one click

Lokan: Need to have it on a vps though really. it needs a cron set for emailing you when updates are available

Chrisman: Dopazo: At the very least the “one master login” feature of InfiniteWP’s free version would be nice, unfortunately doesn’t seem to have anything in lines of m***-disabling accounts in it 😛

Coppock: You’re not solving the problem now yes nate.

Zwack: But you are preparing it for the future

Muecke: Your team will login via InfiniteWP

Goos: Not through individual sites

Wagle: So no more clean ups after this

Chrisman: Well no there still would potentially be cleanups as we still would end up giving some individual accounts

Chrisman: Otherwise it would be hard to tell who did what if everyone simply starts modifying things on a page based on a single master login

Landy: Sounds like you have a policy issue

Scotting: And pretty sure you can give a login that has limited access

Chrisman: Not specifically, there are just some sites where there’s a preference to see who actually made changes to a page and what not