Why not ‘diva href=”‘ + foo.

Pawluk: And the checksum is just byte-by-byte xor

Fedd: I’m trying the new javascript generators

Stimage: I want to call “yield” from a subfunction of the generator

Kalen: But that doesn’t work

Riechers: I can delegate to a subgenerator, but that’s not the same

Treptow: Rather quiet today, huh?

Resendiz: I am getting an error requireprocess.cwd + ‘/lib/connection’, – how is this wrong

Resendiz: Https://gist.github.com/shaunstanislaus/17586024875e259d3912

Resendiz: Can anyone help me out?

Resendiz: Wernert: can you help me out? https://gist.github.com/shaunstanislaus/17586024875e259d3912

Collman: Is there a quick way in lodash to make an array of objects into an array of of values from the objects?

Resendiz: Jonno_FTW: i think no one is around to help.

Chapmond: Was a bit slow with my google fu

Resendiz: Jonno_FTW: could you help me out? i only have a line of error.

Resendiz: Jonno_FTW: its funny that almost everything needs var = to define a variable . but this line is from a book i copied, but it is expecting an unexpected token. https://gist.github.com/shaunstanislaus/17586024875e259d3912

Kinton: Resendiz: you need to ***ign it something

Busbey: The book has a type maybe

Resendiz: Jonno_FTW: as in typo?

Laskowski: Connection = require’.

Resendiz: Jonno_FTW: what do you think should be the right way! ah let me try! thank you let me try it.

Hamrick: If you happen to develop web applications: I made something for you, to quickly create advanced and good looking user interfaces. Oh, and its opensource : http://modojs.com

Resendiz: Geils: any of react component in it?

Wheelwright: Only solid backboneJS

Munns: Not in the hype, I know

Pagliaro: Geils: what does it look like

Wiler: Thanks. All hand-made

Varoz: I think I’ve written about two years on everything

Resendiz: Geils: put it on ProductHunt

Vangerbig: Did so – nobody cared. I think its just too late to publish a backbone based lib

Resendiz: Geils: hope you have had google ****ytics in.

Gauger: All the rage is on react now

Resendiz: Geils: kinda, react is gaining traction.

Resendiz: Geils: whats your git hub user

Litteer: Http://github.com/paratron

Alliman: Are there any popular code styles to differentiate commonJS variable names that are local to the module from those that are local to a function of that module?

Alliman: I’m using _myVariable for those in the module, and this.myvariable for those in the functions of that module, but it’s a little verbose. However, I like that it’s obvious where the var is being set. Are there any other suggestions?

Riller: Alliman, just name variables normally. e.g. var foo

Alliman: Schaetzle: sometimes I want to name a variable the same as an argument to that function, and it gets confusing

Walk: I can’t say I’ve had that issue

Belfiore: Prohobo, it’s syntax for describing trees in JS; mostly used with react

Papenfuss: Can’t say i’ve had that issue either. sounds like your module has state

Wilbourne: Prohobo, you’ve tried doing the equivalent without it then?

Alliman: Ryle: are you talking to me? If so, yes it does

Baptist: It helps with readability; js doesn’t have a way to express it sanely

Awalt: You mean creating and adding DOM elements thru JS?

Brower: Oh you mean when using react

Heinze: E.g. diva href={foo}hello/a/div the best alternative syntax for describing that looks like this: h’div’, {}, h’a’, {href: foo}, ‘hello’

Talentino: Why not ‘diva href=”‘ + foo + ‘”/a/div’