If you don’t have the.

Pealer: Still trying to add the search bar to the navigation menu. smh… this ****s. lol

Bahr: Randy53215: do you have a child theme?

Tienda: You just can’t have the same SKU with variations

Seiner: But you can download the Product Addon plugin for WoOCCommerce

Nachman: That way you can allow product options without creating variations

Poag: Kenshino_ thats the thing. The colour options would work perfectly with the variations but you can only do addons on a product level, not on a variation level!

Warsme: Bahr: Yeah I have a child theme, I’ve did every way that is posted online from people wondering the same thing.

Bahr: Randy53215: how’s your html/css ?

Bahr: Your skillset, not the theme

Latunski: As you said, if you don’t want multiple SKUs, use the Product Addon plugin

Gelber: Hey guys, quick question— Trying to make an edit to my theme — I have isolated the heading code elseif is_archive {

Denard: _e ‘h4Archives/h4’, ‘iwebtheme’ ; ——— How do i Echo page title instead of Archives?

Fickas: I usually don’t do design as much as I do functionality

Filipovich: Randy53215: are you using this guide? wordpress-menus/">http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-add-custom-items-to-specific-wordpress-menus/

Mattox: Also, don’t work with wordpress much until now

Vienneau: Kenshino_ its not compatible with variable products, otherwise i would

Julen: Nope I thought so for a second because the favicon was almost identical, should I give this one a shot?

Khensamphanh: I’m using UberMenu so I’m not sure if the li tags are *****ing with it or not

Filipovich: Randy53215: this specifically adds a search form to the menu

Filipovich: Oh, ok. Don’t know about ubermenu

Baraban: Ah Ubermenu is pretty good

Frazell: Hi all. Can I use wp_rewrite to add to the current archive permalink structures?.

Acevado: It’s also a premium plugin if memory serves me right 😛

Lyau: For example I need to allow for a date-range archive page so will need to add rewrites to account for this?

Filipovich: It seems built in: http://sevenspark.com/docs/ubermenu-3/content/shortcodes/search

Kamemoto: Bradbrad: Why do you keep talking about variable products? Just set up your fabrics as different products

Andrino: Domain.com/news/from_01-01-14/to_01-01-14

Kritzer: Or simply – www.domain.com/news/01-01-14/01-01-15

Goodspeed: Kenshino_ that is what i have currently done, and am using bundled products to group them together but it is complete overkill and makes managing it hell!

Wandrie: Why would you need to group them together?

Tango: And why would products that are essentially different have the same sku?

Gherardini: I have a feeling I will need to add the from_ and to_ parameters to prevent the permalink structure matching existing rewrite rules

Nilan: Kenshino_ this is basically what I am trying to create: http://africantusk.co.za/

Guerrera: Click on the first product, a brown shirt

Dowler: Hi all, I’ve just received an email asking what is the best way to move from an install on Suse to a current Debian 8.2. The Suse version of WordPress is a version behind the new debian one. The old install is not running but the disk content is available. will it be sufficient to locate the MySQL db file and dump the content to reimport or will there be other things to do?

Gilsdorf: Looks like 2 Attributes, one Fabric Type and one colour

Gausman: Dcg, mysql + files is sufficient

Wietbrock: Dcg: You will need to run the upgrade routine. Best if you just move it over and upgrade the WordPress installation

Mroczkowski: Anyone able to advise me how to echo page_title inside this string In place of archives title – is_archive { _e ‘h4%s Archives/h4’, ‘iwebtheme’ ;

Castello: If you don’t have the existing files, it should still prompt you to do a db upgrade