You could also check that.

Rankin: Manrig: Use printf with __ instead of _e

Hartzo: Adept-phil: If it’s an archive structure, you should be able to just do the rewrite without any text prefix

Zekria: Yes. but they need to specifiy the colours for all the same fabric options in other words manage it in the attributes main section. The problem is certain fabrics have different colours, and like I said, the colour doesnt change the SKU, but the fabric does

Berretti: — get everythign between the 1st adn 30th of January also please use a dateformat suc has this for yoru own and other users sanity :

Cornelia: Bradbrad: then I don’t know how to help you. A black cotton shirt should have a different sku from a white cotton one

Ressel: Kenshino_ thats the thing, for my client is doesnt, hence the frustration!

Modi: I’m not sure if any e-commerce system can help you. What you have is an operational problem

Anon: Http:// this is my url from my old site. how can I use that for my new site?

Loesche: Hello I am looking for a solution for uploading files from my uploads folder to S3 storage. the official plugin from AWS didn’t work for me

Lingad: Adept-phil: There’s a Rewrite API for that 😛

Lebahn: Adept-phil:

Mootispaw: Simonstern: WP Offload S3 –

Dwellingham: Haha, sorry I have been reading that ;

Corella: Thats what i used but it didn’t work :

Holquin: Makes sense but I’ll yell if I need more help

Roscioli: Thanks Kenshino, That worked !

Mable: Perhaps i didn’t set it up correctly. I can upload files to the site just fine and connect the bucket but when i add files they don’t show up in the bucket

Stolarz: Anyone have experience using WP offload S3?

Gerrish: If I use a rules inspector to identify the rewrite I’m getting what appears to be a different result. If I browse to /news/2015 indeed I see posts from that year. The rules inspector however tells me the rewrite matches a page type?

Warpool: Are search engines case-sensitive?

Santillana: Rule – .?.+?/0-9+?/?$

Holman: Adept-phil: What inspector ?

Tadd: Http://

Alrais: That looks like the pagination rule, the ordering is how rules are prioritized so that also plays in

Vanheusen: That’s the only rule that matches appraently?

Massanet: Ignore me, if I add a trailing slash I get the proper match I believe

Rankins: Index.php?year=$matches1

Sansing: My wordpress site stopped working with an error establishing a database connection, how can i troubleshoot this? I can connect to the mysql from command line with username and p***word.

Oldroyd: The info remains correct in the wp-config.php

Gausman: BeachBall, when you connect using the wp credentials. Can you see the db and tables?

Gausman: Ie; it hasn’t been dropped/tampered with

Gausman: BeachBall, you’re positive that when you hit the site.and get the “error connecting”, your dns is actually pointing you to the server you’re logged into via ssh?

Gausman: Its really easy to slip up with that

Gausman: For parity you could tail the apache log on that machine, making sure when you hit it with a browser.stuff happens in the log

Hethcote: Kahahane changed, it was working before. I’ll go in by private ip instead of hostname

Gausman: Well, something changed :

Gausman: Otherwise it would be still working as before

Lepisto: What’s the db host in wp-config? IP or do you actually have a hostname?

Gausman: You could also check that apache or nginx, whichever you’re using has read permissions on wp-config.php