Hope that makes.

Mckosky: I did register the string

Vonarx: AbuDhar: I’m unfamiliar wit hthe function pll__

Lasiter: How does woocommerce updates cart ?

Cappelluti: Update cart is a submit button under a form which posts to itself

Parmentier: If I want to create a post from an external service what would be the most sane way to do that? If I use XML-RPC I’d need to provide the service with my username/p***word for my wordpress site right? I could just write a plugin that creates a new endpoint and use a shared secret to create the posts, does that sound reasonable?

Colop: Http://pastebin.com/yxmCfVAp suggestions to why having the code the_content; work and how i can get it to work above that?

Mowdy: How do I declare shortcodes in wordpress 4.3 ?

Bizzaro: I had shortcodes that used to work now it doesnt, and i’d like to use them again. :

Moreira: Is it still in functions.php within the theme folder ?

Bastine: If so is it still called the same way directly in the html ?

Inagaki: I have this feeling too

Paganini: Total noob here thought

Hack: Maybe the workaround mentioned in the post will work out for you

Rushen: Hey how to get working custom post types in wordpress api v2?

Bahr: Hvk: “get working” ?

Westergard: Q: I’m using wp-api, I’m posting a file /wp-json/media, but I want to create a post too and attach this file there, but not finding any docs on how to do it. I wonder if someone has any tips ? thanks

Birnell: Alright, the workaround didnt work for me , guys

Velastegui: Found this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29495371/how-can-i-add-attachments-to-a-post-with-wp-api

Stankovic: Answer “It seems that WordPress or WP-API does not link media to posts, but you have to add a link on your post to the media/attachment.”

Cieloha: Bahr: when i try get posts with custom post type i get forbidden

Canela: I declare the shortcodes in functions.php and i use them in the pages directly,

Kalathas: But there’s no such property / parameter listed here http://wp-api.org/#posts_create-a-post

Fupocyupanqui: Unless I’m missing, I can’t seem to find media/attachment

Bahr: Swahili: an attachment is just a post

Bahr: You’ll have to have your images on the server already maybe too idk. never tried to insert an image via wp api

Milite: Bahr: thanks for looking. I can find the uploaded images, in the sidebar media

Cregger: So, what I need is to create a post for each of this uploaded images, with a title

Helquist: As a featured image or content

Delgadilo: Guys, going mad. Using woocommerce, I have products that have a attribute for Fabric type. Each fabric type changes the SKU. so that creates variations which im cool with. But each of those fabric options each have a specific colour set option. I dont want to create a billion variations from one product. Can i not just link the colour options to the fabric options some how? ANy suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Heally: FYI currently doing it as bundled products and just such a headache and overkill!

Mccomb: At this point if someone recommends something else than woocommerce I would even take it!

Shilo: What’s wrong with many variations?

Loeffel: I cchoose a fabric type and then I choose a colour

Steinau: Kenshino thing is the fabric type changes the SKU adds something linke -210g to it. but the colour options dont change the SKU at all

Guardarrama: Variations can each have their SKU

Tremmel: You can set those yourself

Kudrick: Kenshino for eg. 3 options. option 1 has the 5 colour options, option 2, 10 colour options, and option 3 3 colour options. I need it so that option 1 has a SKU of X, but with variations, I can’t set it so that option 1 + the various colour options have the same SKU

Paisley: Hope that makes sense