I highly recommend jumping.

Arata: Actually it should be sufficient to add define’REDIRECT’, true; to wp-config.php and then log in again.

Chakkalakal: I have referred the matter to Ollivierre. Waiting for response.

Behrns: Try pix’s method first

Meinke: Brandis: thanks, I’ll look at it

Wittner: I provide timeouts by IP, not by name

Todaro: Ollivierre: do something.

Wyse: Your quarrel matters little to me, I will deal with whomever is being disruptive at the time as I’m getting REALLY tired of the behavior in here at times

Dugdale: Feel free to ignore each other I encourage it

Rhoney: Ollivierre: he ain’t ignoring me he is being a real jerk after being called out for trolling,

Mullenix: And you keep winding him up whenever he’s here, you are both at fault although you’re not being a **** to other users at the same time

Piontkowski: Now stop your quarrel.

Kiang: Lenswipee: I have told you that you are part of the problem, stop trying to blame only opsec

Romanoff: Have we sorted it out now?

Grubba: Ollivierre: impersonating others is pretty low

Hirons: Lenswipee: respect decisions

Shike: Register your nick and/or make complaints to chat.

Fleitas: To summarise, opsec impersonates me and gets me muted, and I get told to shut up. Sounds fair. Thanks

Garahan: I’m looking for a tinymce insert media plugin that uses the WP built in media feature

Rockwood: If I change my whole page to https, do I also need to change the SiteURL guys?

Nordell: Is it possible to see who’s using my plugins?

Dickstein: Emporio: embed spyware?

Dickstein: Or ask you users nicely for permission to embed spyware.

Standre: So I can run a google search ie?

Dickstein: That’s an idea. I haven’t tried it, but I wonder if google or bing can let you do a source code search?

Hirkaler: Yes and no, some authors inject sily things like hidden divs they can search for

Kerens: Emporio: are things like a plugins readme.txt indexed by google? if so you could add a txt with a unique name

Shurtz: Pesin: yep, dunno about that.

Degrace: Will look into it some other time i suppose

Garvis: Trying to build my theme.

Dickstein: From memory at least one of yoasts plugins asks permission to submit data back to the plugin vendor

Dickstein: So asking nicely might work

Erfert: I recently heard/read phoning home is not allowed, but just having a WP install tell the plugin authors website ‘Hi, Im here’, and send no more info than that ‘ping’ does not fall under phoning home I believe. You could then on your server listen for those pings and record what locations they come from.

Dickstein: Pesin: my understanding is that it is “not allowed” within the official plugin repository.

Delmoro: IIRC doesn’t Woocommerce ask for data to be submitted to help with future development?

Dickstein: Pesin: but outside of that, there’s Elenbaas from stopping you from using your own reporting. you just can’t distribute it via wordpress.org

Elguezabal: Right, youll have to google that stuff

Pree: Question. I’ve been messing with the emails WP sends and for some reason the “this message confirms your p***word has been changed” email is not coming out anymore even tho I’ve removed all my code that was trying to affect that

Peles: Could one of these 2 snippets have broken that permanently? https://gist.github.com/toscani/7bd0ef52fabc6309d432 Its still broken even tho that code is gone.

Mathson: Also, https://translate.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/ has recently seen a fair few updates, so if you feel like pulling a bit of weight, there’s not only the theme and plugin directory to translate now as well as WordPress core it self, but also all the themes on wordpress.org can be translated now

Siron: I highly recommend jumping in and doing a few translations now and then, it’s fast and simple =