Afroradiohead: i think it’s.

Nitchman: Or at least attempt to stabilize the foundation’s foundation before a million people come in

Hesterman: I’m realizing that most programmers who choose javascript care about being able to show people what they’ve done

Waltrip: Like mongodb you mean afroradiohead

Dipietro: Lol oh what’s wrong with mongo?

Bethoney: To be fair, i’d mostly just be regurgitating what i am only slowly understanding

Runzler: Point being a lot of people use it and it isn’t the best thing for those lot

Vanoli: Yeah i’ve read and heard the same thing

Uccellini: I’ve gotten more familiar with postgres myself and just starting with neo4j

Landrigan: I’m curious if the conclusions they came to was because of a lack of known conventional standardds

Persampieri: They being mongo or they being people denouncing mongo

Bedwell: Looks like it Torkable

Ordones: I personally like nosql. I’ve been repeating to myself: “store it how you’ll get it” though I don’t fully know what im telling myself with that

Kiflezghie: Afroradiohead: you can use it, there’s couch and rethinkdb

Duldulao: The anti-mongo specifically is about security and consistency issues

Stonesifer: Ooh! okay good to know

Messerly: Glad i prepped being able to switch out databases for my project then

Brugnoli: Now i’m gonna be pondering “d” for a few hours

Averitt: I should come to you guys with more dumb theories that come to mind

Hennecke: Like I’ve been saying to myself: “CRUD isn’t needed, we just need ReadWhere & WriteWhere”

Lockshaw: You mean on the server or the db or what

Mcnamee: Your right Masella, with all this messing around it seems like i don’t want to ship

Nenno: Any type of strorage system really

Harvison: Nothing wrong with academic discourse, just know with software it’s kinda easy to prove you wrong without a doubt

Godleski: With software it’s kinda easy to prove you wrong without a doubt?

Sedar: Well if something is better or worse wrt certain metrics, it can be tested

Brow: Easier than say social sciences

Entwistle: Where gathering data for test cases can be slower and more innacurate

Godshall: I don’t think i qualify as a good one, tend to start a lot of wars

Claud: Are you doing node or just browser stuff afroradiohead

Clubbs: Browser stuff. haven’t had the need to work in node yet

Leimberger: Ellenwood how will browserify works now with node 4?

Misenheimer: I mean how will it convert es6 syntax for browser

Cotta: Has anyone been able to disable chrome from prompting to save p***words? i seem to have trouble with it.

Gronowski: I suppose it won’t do anything

Melkonian: Agilities: have you seen:

Yager: Agilities: basically add autocomplete=”off” as a form attribute

Splatt: Agilities:***word-bubble-in-chrome-using-javascript

Burroughs: Afroradiohead: i love node

Gonneville: What do you use server side?

Arenas: Oh make the switch yesterday :

Tazewell: Games “if a site sets autocomplete=”off” for username and p***word input fields, then the browser will still offer to remember this login, and if the user agrees, the browser will autofill those fields the next time the user visits this page.”

Provow: Agilities: check out what Splatt linked, i think that may be your solution

Deshields: Splatt tried something like that i can’t submit the form but i tried executing a different function from a different context and it didn’t work

Fiveash: Afroradiohead: i think it’s why you had all these questions about callbacks. if you were using node you’d understand upfront how ridiculous they get lol