Ok so mintmoney files is an.

Yankovski: Games: yeah that’s probably true, though I feel like named callbacks fix the callback hell issue people have been saying they run into

Babu: Why are typed Arrays useful?

Keisling: But hey, maybe one day i’ll prove myself wrong

Pirre: Rurik: that’s a question i had and no answer thus far. that being said, i’m just gonna say “speed”

Priode: Rurik: i think internally it allows you to work with larger sets much faster if there’s type consistency

Konopacki: Rurik: JavaScript typed arrays – JavaScript MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Typed_arrays

Baugus: Can anyone help me out with a pastie please! http://pastie.org/private/sezlebfnmxaincebzz5ha

Busby: I’m trying to return an image from an express based server

Bernstein: I got some excellent help yesterday with adding “drop-to-delete” functionality to my draggable ul; http://jsfiddle.net/Lcf3ddhu/1/

Langowski: I am trying to get my express server to serve up the actual image, but it’s just returning a very long string of garbled characters which do belong to the right image file

Carll: I’m actually using the SailsJS framework, but it’s built on express server

Skoff: However, I’m now noticing that the plugin *was* doing something extra, that I actually need. If I change the ul to ol, the native draggable allows reordering of the li but does *not* sort the list numerically.

Paparella: Mintmoney: try #Node.js

Frigge: Joakimk: so put something in your draggable callback to sort the list for you

Kolmer: Games: nobody is talkative in there :

Zaharek: Also mintmoney https://docs.nodejitsu.com/articles/advanced/streams/how-to-use-fs-create-read-stream

Slinker: Sorry, this is awkward: buu’s solution *does* re-sort the ol, it does work in the JFiddle. Thing is, for some reason, it stops working when I apply the same code to my webproject. So I’

Cottle: So I’m getting something wrong. Need to keep working it :

Ruhn: Games: I’m getting the correct file data returned

Phyfiher: I’m familiar with those functions

Lutkus: I’m able to select the correct image file and return it’s data to the client no problem. maybe I’m not setting headers right or I need to do something with the string of characters the client receives to turn it into an image?

Sesley: Where are you saving the readstream to?

Arrieta: I’m just trying to append it to the body in the client

Hermie: I see an your error handler but you’ll have to pipe it somewhere with a success handler as well

Blethen: So AJAX get request to server = finds file based on users’ id, sends file back to client = client appends to body

Ryken: Games: it’s in the client side

Splatt: What data do you get back?

Daurizio: Starts with 3.08BIM�����U�http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/ image/jpeg Mix3D-04ctrz Adobe Illustrator CS6 Windows 2014-11-28T12:45:32+01:00

Mcarthy: Mintmoney: is there a reason you’re doing all that stuff in the center? won’t res.downloadlogoDir; do what you need?

Wetenkamp: Because you’re working with a filesystem correct, you’re not really needing raw data

Dobey: You’re just piecing together a filename

Doyne: What if there’s multiple files in that directory?

Tannahill: What bit of user-supplied information holds onto the file name?

Dudman: The file name will always be different from user to user. so i check the directory to see what the file name is first.

Riter: Mintmoney: what does your “dir” object represent?

Barbera: Dir is a helper method

Akiyama: It returns the listing of the files in that directory

Arnette: Files0 is the logo file I’m trying to send

Moag: It’s locating the file fine

Bovia: I need help parsing the returned string

Burham: Https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-dir

Frymyer: Ok so mintmoney files is an array of filenames right?