When you edit a cl*** in.

Moretti: You don’t have to make the demo public because that method will let you find out what’s wrong

Moretti: Just make an empty html file on your comp if you’re paranoid ;

Marksberry: It’s thousands of lines sorry.

Pozar: Guys, can someone help me find a color and where the hell it is?! I can’t find it on inspect elements at all.

Varga: Http:// – There is some data % circles with a purple-ish colour in them. I can’t find where to change that.

Kinkle: Is there any way to do a selector where elements do NOT have a certain attribute?

Bernotas: Suggestions how I can make the hover state border as long as the text for the top border? jsfiddle.net/qvxx8zuc

Bernotas: So the first line of text should be the width of the border.

Delibertis: CMFDesign, Chrome: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools :: Firefox: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools :: Safari: http://bit.ly/1rivUXd :: IE: http://bit.ly/1qbxkT5

Vanderstelt: Ok I get that I can use inspector, I know how to use inspector.

Hermance: My point is that I can’t find the actual code for the color anywhere. Thats why I was asking for help

Eddins: CMFDesign: the canvas circles?

Weber: Eddins: The progress circles

Eddins: CMFDesign: the things that are canvas elements?

Eddins: Hint: use the inspector

Eddins: That’s set in some JavaScript

Carse: Can you see why js file its set in?

Eddins: WhereIsMySpoon: there is the :not

Eddins: CMFDesign: no, ask ##javascript

Eddins: I would guess the one called ‘circle-progress.js’

Eddins: But maybe that’s too obvious

Sterkenburg: Eddins: I thought this and couldn’t see it in that file.

Eddins: I can see “Fill of the arc. You may set it to:” and then a bunch of options

Riola: First line, jeez I am blind.

Purl: Sorry to waste your time.

Sindel: Its the first place I checked too haha

Eddins: Brandeland: so I’m clear, you want the top border to be only as long as the word “test”?

Mauracher: Oh, apparently that didn’t work.

Bernotas: Example: oku https://i.imgur.com/qQK4qlD.png

Eddins: Brandeland: you’d need to wrap each line in a span, and apply the border to that

Bernotas: Because it’s A WordPress generated menu.

Bernotas: I could wrap every word into a span with jQuery.

Basom: Hi, I’m trying to stick an element to the bottom of my pagehttp://nana.io/demo, so that it looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/klMlqSj.png; how can I?

Kawell: Without display: absolute

Eddins: Xqo: which element goes at the bottom?

Ziko: If you make the page too small, the abs pos element will float over the other content

Eddins: Media queries would solve that

Maslyn: Yes, but i’d prefer a different approach

Eddins: Sure. Well what you have is a good start

Eddins: Main needs to have ‘align-items: stretch’

Eddins: And also ‘display: flex; align-items: center;’

Eddins: Gives you something like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/5un43h57vosrk24/Screenshot%202015-09-23%2020.37.27.png

Eddins: Xqo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kqs2wmqdtc6w49k/Screenshot%202015-09-23%2020.39.23.png

Sosinsky: Hey, awesome! thank you very much

Caslin: Can I give the bottom links a margin-bottom without de-centering the middle element?

Tisue: So they’re not completely stuck to the bottom, but a little higher and more visible?

Eddins: You can give #links-wrap {position: relative; bottom: 100px;} or s

Kasee: Man, you’re great. thank you!

Grom: When you edit a cl*** in your browser it always shows up, but sometimes it doesn’t work in the css.