Salle, OK, but in this case.

Dambach: See if that user exists in the mysql.user table then.

Czarnota: That user exists and has all privileges to the database

Dambach: If show create table doesn’t work I would recommend using something like dbsake frmdump to read the view definition from the .frm and see what invalid table it might reference:

Dieken: If that doesn’t work should i use postgreSQL instead?

Dambach: I would recommend fixing your broken view. What RDBMS you prefer is up to you

Barcellos: Ok, I just haven’t run into a broken view issue in postgreSQL, not to say it isn’t possible

Hagstrom: Dambach: ok the doc looks useful for running the application, however, it doesn’t mention how to install it

Delvin: It isn’t in the yum repo, until it is in a mysql util package

Dambach: Curl dbsake; chmod u+x dbsake

Coppens: I really dislike yum too

Sibgert: Ok great, the view is huge :

Barrier: I will go through it, thank you for your time

Volner: I need the suma values to add it in a table

Scicutella: Http://

Ardizzone: So far nothing work any idea?

Rundahl: Hi guys. I’ve been having some problems with a MySQL cloud instance. I enabled the performance schema and I saw 4.5 second time wait on io dfile

Duchesneau: It’s a MyISAM table so I’m wondering if this is the reason that some queries are taking between 8 and 30 seconds to execute

Puita: The other odd thing is that MySQL isn’t seeing the queries as slow running but my application logging is reporting them as slow

Bingham: Get off the cloud use real iron

Hofe: I want to perform a statement like: SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = field_1 and meta_value=” AND meta_key = field_2 and meta_value=” AND meta_key = field_3 and meta_value=” however I fail to get the intended result

Brinegar: I want to fetch post IDs which have all three fields empty.

Trevathan: Hi guys. In my app, the users will have the possibility to add how many telephone number they desire for their account. Is this the best way to do it?

Danfield: Croves: yes, normalization calls for a table of unique users and a separate, related table of telephones ***ociated with users

Sancrant: Hey guys, i’m getting column count doesn’t match value count at row 1. any ideas?

Bingham: Hen_123, you should only select what you want not *

Danfield: Hen_123: what do you think that error message means? :-

Bingham: It means what it says

Apley: I’ve tried listing the columns . then i get EIN is ambiguous

Brinda: Ugh i’m retarded this am

Snowdy: What open source programs do you guys recommend for building frontend web apps on top of a mysql database?

Purdom: Could you help me with a database design issue?

Correl: Noobiewan: Using stackoverflow for anythnig is bad idea, but in your case are you sure you have database design question?

Correl: Noobiewan: If by “keep the design as simple as possible” you mean “keep the number of tables low” that’s wrong approach to database design

Correl: Noobiewan: In ideal world you design the database for certain queries

Correl: Noobiewan: That’s where you better start from: For what queries this database will be used? Which of them are more frequent? And so on

Correl: Noobiewan: Take this permissions stored as JSON for example. If you ever need to search something within this JSON you don’t store it in single column, but create another table for these permissions

Arnoux: Salle, but with the new JSON type, I can search can’t I?

Correl: Noobiewan: Not efficiently

Johann: Salle, OK, but in this case it would fall into the “I wouldn’t need that type of query”.