I coudl’ve sworn we have a.

Scoville: I cant ignore him, dam it

Wurz: Sterndata you are always behave like that?

Josefy: Sterndata: Certainly if it continues after a stern warning =

Stipe: Wanna i escort you to the nearxt exit?

Jave: Hro20092: please. this is WordPress. Be on topic or, at least, interesting.

Frear: Gapen time for someone to go

Caltagirone: Sternada if you cnat help so please close your mounth or better stop writing

Sestoso: You cnat Guaratned that here is no one who can help me

Kaler: I should have stopped while I was ahead

Despain: BOGO: you are never ahead when dealing with a troll.

Zielinski: Sometimes I like to play but then it gets ugly

Adessa: Sterndata I am looking over some of the code on my site. I guess as far as it looks I am doing everything I can

Teisberg: Google ads and the like I cant do Edwin with

Buchholtz: BOGO: as I said, your content is far more important. Focus on how people might search for your site and make sure it has the right words in the right places, that the page titles are good, etc.

Hank: Yah I am working on the SEO

Knepel: Optimize disk enhanced page and minify disk caching for NFS do you have that on or off?

Boyers: I refuse to engage with you on this any more, BOGO

Steever: Do you even know what NFS is?

Broun: Fair enough. I want to have the best settings I can.

Tokihiro: Sorry, forgot. unengaging again.

Peshlakai: It is OK take it easy

Olausen: I will just go and work on my SEO stuff

Longoria: Sterndata I managed to pull something off by activating the secondary menu and using a display: none on the main one and the search bar

Lawshe: Now the only thing left is the cart, it’s one row under everything else still

Boehm: Yeah, that secondary menu takes up space

Prindall: I can move it up by using margin-top: -110px but would this be ok?

Wiedemann: What happens on a narrow screen?

Gethers: Alright, figured it out!

Holbach: Hopefully hiding elements is the right way to do this

Arcement: As long as your users can find what they need

Lunch: My code is horrifying usually

Mcninch: 2 or 3 themes ago i just used to move stuff with negative margins. naturally to do this i’d have to un-responsify everything

Chukes: Hopefully this is fine

Pucket: Thanks a lot sterndata

Maccarino: Is there a correct way to add custom fonts to wordpress? I still can’t seem to manipulate the font weights of an uploaded font

Entwisle: I guess this is a css issues not a wordpress one

Imgrund: Have already tried with !important

Imada: There’s not much to it in terms of css other than that

Capracotta: Have you tried to view if the rule is overwritten by using “inspect element” ?

Gajewski: It’s not overwritten but the weight isn’t applied either

Birkholz: So i’m guessing there’s either something wrong with the fonts

Baroni: Or WP isn’t reading the weights which makes no sense though

Camus: Uhm it is a commercial font

Ebersold: It was provided by the client

Hobson: As opsec said in this case we need a link to have a look

Berley: Https://varvy.com/pagespeed/combine-images-css-sprites.html

Anzideo: Now I wonder how you make them linkable

Liner: Gapen: Please use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser to fix problems with your website. Right click your page and pick “Inspect Element” Cr, FF, Op or press F12-button IE to track down CSS problems. Use the console to see JavaScript bugs.

Josefy: I coudl’ve sworn we have a page for that as well.hmm.