Bprompt: what I mean is.

Taj: Russek, that only adds the scrollbars, buttons won’t appear at a next line

Meidl: I am wondering: how can i make a div full screen – 200 px?

Spight: Where the hell is the edit icon: http://materializecss.com/icons.html ?

Atkeson: Or how could they miss it?

Thiengtham: No pencil or pen or edit

Tutson: Can someone say why width/max-width isn’t affecting the buttons? http://i.imgur.com/Y5JlRjw.png

Burningham: Zap0, that only adds scrollbars unfortunat

Petrilli: Hey guys, any of you need a domain name .me + ssl cert for 1 yr? i’m looking to trade it for 2-3 games

Veneman: Esd: go solicit somewhere else please

Vandever: Zap0, ok you’ree right, it just cuts of the buttons.

Harpold: Why is my css different when I load the site locally to when I load the site online?

Cusanelli: Jerit: because your code differs

Martinetti: Jerit, because you don’t understand caching.

Mossa: Reisio: I can promise you it doesn’t

Toye: Jerit: things that don’t differ are the same

Lodrigue: BostonGeorge2k, height: calc100vh – 200px;

Chawla: Why my boxes are not on the same line ? http://codepen.io/aruprak****/pen/qONNEr

Hoffpavir: Can someone say why width/max-width isn’t affecting the buttons? http://i.imgur.com/Y5JlRjw.png so it will push buttons to the next line?

Saulsberry: Jordy, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Kroell: Well that’s a problem, the js is a usersscript

Shepley: Http://atelier801.com/topic?f=5&t=802189&p=1#m1 html here.

Waeyaert: Can you help Piedrahita?

Woodhouse: It keeps cutting the buttons :

Shekey: And I would really like some help :

Shodunke: So for a pseudo element, content with empty string or with space?

Endries: From what I heard content with space is for older browsers?

Giandelone: Hashtag__: you have to test in browsers you care about

Lorusso: I feel that some of the SCSS mixins I have written I will never be able to talk out loud about without a legal representative.

Muhr: Nevertheless, I have a question. Is it Okay to ask here regarding SCSS?

Veneman: It is preferred that you ask in #s***

Fick: Ok, then CSS question

Sondheimer: Does CSS3 or CSS 4 suppose such spec exists support grouping of elements using a pseudo element?

Vanduynhoven: E.g. I want #foo and #bar elements wrapped in a pseudo-element that does not exist in the layout

Factor: The use case has to do with element positioning relative one to another, as well as simple things such as background colour

Fougner: I am fairly sure that does not exist, but I am sure there have been talks about it.

Dula: Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hafenbrack: Any reason because bottom and top border can dissapear on mobile screen?

Brilowski: I want to implement something like the firefox ctrl-f “Find” footer in html5. How can I place a div at the bottom of the viewport without overlapping the content?

Kill: For example– when you show the “Find” bar, the scrollbars for the content get shifted up

Escalero: Jancsika: if the viewport is smaller than the body’s content, you can’t

Contrell: Bprompt: that’s frustrating. it’s such a useful design pattern, as evidenced by the fact that ff and webkit use it

Riemer: Ahem nope, ff and webkit do “overlap” the content with their find box

Ubiles: The content is scrollable behind it, so. it’s being overlapped

Saltz: Bprompt: what I mean is that when you activate the bar, the scrollbars for the content shift upwards, above the ff find box.