Hro20092: Please contact.

Arlinghaus: Hwo is the best in instagram?

Nordeen: Ramone41: .site-header is the cl*** i edited.

Nordeen: The menu is another cl***

Craun: Hro20092:

Deep: Someone has hacked my p***

Didion: Hro20092: would you mind starting over and using grammar and real sentences?

Voorhes: Whats your problem man?

Bouza: Hro20092: do you have an actual wordpress related question?

Nordeen: Hro20092: you’re being incoherent.

Nordeen: Hro20092: please explain how we can help you with wordpress

Nordeen: Indeed, you are. so far.

Lokietek: I think this may now be the “drunk wordpress channel”

Malcom: Opsec my question is about instagram

Rice: As i already mentioned

Nordeen: Hro20092: then you’re in the wrong place

Sidle: Instagram is not wordpress

Nordeen: Hro20092: talk to instagram support about your hacked account

Dellarose: Do not feed the trolls, bogo

Johngrass: Anyone here know Instagram?

Nordeen: Hro20092: please take this elsewhere

Halpern: So, ramone41, here’s a pretty stock storefront theme: what do you want to do?

Geralds: Your in the wrong chat hro20092

Nordeen: This is not instagram support.

Northcraft: Do you know such chennel?

Edeker: Ah, alright sterndata!

Wriston: I removed the sidebar already and made it so there are 4 products per page

Tallie: Well then go to their site

Dubreuil: This is wordpress only

Lofquist: BOGO: DO NOT feed the trolls

Loegering: Again you surprize me

Molesworth: But the header, I’m just trying to make it about 70-ish pixels tall and have everything in one line

Nordeen: Hro20092:


Lourens: But i need another helo

Muszynski: I understand that to do this i would have to change around a lot of stuff, like search width; menu width, font size etc

Huckstep: But i’m stumped on putting everything in one single line

Karadimas: BOGO special for you again

Julius: Ramone41: I’d do logo – menu – cart and put search elsewhere. It’s a matter of 1 sizing the logo correctly and 2 getting the floats right.

Schapp: I need someone who can help me to recover my p***

Jannise: Which has been hacked recentle

Nordeen: BOGO: are you trying to be combative on purpose? stop responding.

Akey: I’ll try and mess around with the floats sterndata

Nordeen: Hro20092: go ask elsehere, we can’t help you here, period.

Hench: Well that is the only thing hro20092

Dancel: You know how to do it

Kaloudis: If I was in the instagram support channel

Poletski: If not your out of luck in here

Oseguera: It’s fun to watch bogo when I can’t see hro20092

Lofwall: Any friends who can help?

Buike: Bogo: does you discussion client allow you to ignore someone?

Barrows: Hro20092 go to their support

Carmena: BOGO: what client are you using?

Shellabarger: Now ignoring bogo, too

Armenteros: No sterndata I am done now

Suares: ANYONE WHO CAN help me about instragram recovering p*** pleasee write me privat! PAY 300$

Manteuffel: Would it be appropriate to escort mr. hro20092 to the nearest exit?

Josefy: Hro20092: Please contact instagram about account issues with them, we are not instagram.