Hussey, we SHOULD, yes, and.

Onstead: Fnordo_: give them a minimum they can expect, like say 20 hours, then tell them “depending on the work involved that month”

Shalhoup: That’s not the business we’re in, we actually own the sites and are responsible for keeping them going

Brookshier: Fnordo_: make sure you make it clear there are no “roll over” hours

Sucgang: Hussey: mind clarifying?

Manford: Fnordo_: sorry? I’m confused bty what you mean “thats not the business we are in”. what business?

Sobczyk: Hussey: nevermind that comment. i thought about it and it is our business. it’s our site and our responsibility to keep it going but we do charge for maintenance so that could be in our contract

Hesch: Wienert: ahhh way. why do you have $paged = get_query_var’page’, 1;

Wienert: Hussey, to tell wpquery which page to get.

Hey: Fnordo_: i’m confused. its YOUR site so who are you charging for maintence? Yourself?

Kinaj: Wienert: i think thats wrong.

Wienert: Hussey, and get_query_var’paged’, 1; does Brambila. rather it always returns 1

Narum: Hussey: i confused myself : we’re an ecommerce company that used to have a model where we wholly owned and were responsible for our websites. we’re still responsible for their maintenance but we now are paid to develop and maintain them

Besanson: Wienert: i think it should be conditional $paged = get_query_var’paged’ ? get_query_var’paged’ : 1;

Rebolloso: I was blending the two models in my thinking

Jenquin: Fnordo_: so your CLIENTS own the website. you just manage them

Wienert: Hussey, the ‘paged’ query var is not set so that code will always return 1

Zabik: Anybody familiar with a website screenshot service that blocks the pages ads o.O

Manvelyan: Fnordo_: I use mainwp and spend about 20 minutes a day checking up backups and updates on 40+ sites.

Backhuus: Hussey: ‘WordPress can hold and display many different types of content. A single item of such a content is generally called a post, although post is also a specific post type. ‘

Richmann: Hussey: probably? I’d have to look at the contracts. i know we have one client whose contract says they can buy the site code off of us but i dont know about the rest

Keh: Auger: what specifically is awebsite screen shot service versus just a regular screen shot upload service?

Tegtmeyer: Opsec: you still there

Wienert: And get_query_var ‘s second param is the default if the query var is not set to get_query_var’paged’, 1 is equivalent to what you last sent to me.

Mallet: Manvelyan: ill take a look at that, thanks

Mcwain: Hussey: like an api service where you can input the url of a website and it returns a .png of that website

Sidor: Fnordo_: managewp is another similar one

Raes: Auger: ahhhh yea. dont have one of those off the top of my head. My response would be whateber google tells me

Ragle: Guest25434:

Hermus: Fnordo_: by roll over hours I mean that if hours they contracted for go unused, they dont get to use them some other time

Haith: Fnordo_: also, those services mainwp and manageWP both are good for doing administrative stuff in one spot, but you’re still probably going to have to do lots of tessting and code patching. especially if you’re talking about ecommerce

Hassick: Wienert: ah ok. I was going off of what I had always used without issue. but theyre the same

Cronwell: Wienert: can you try it though? Just because I know that code works on my own pagnited loops ?

Wienert: S’all good. and that is the code I started with. I think I am just going to write my own links.

Seneca: I guess opsec bounced?

Knapko: Wienert: but this SHOULD work. we should probably figure out why. no?

Piganelli: Jack_: or got bored with you

Onstead: Jack_: what did you need?

Wienert: Hussey, we SHOULD, yes, and I would love to. However, while we are working it out I am going to be working on a fallback incase a wall gets hit.