And then you download a pdf.

Lym: Just wondering if there is any resource you could point me to

Chilcott: Not sue if it is possible to do wgat i want. basically to hyper link a blog post to point to a doc instead of the actual post

Onstead: Jack_: to make a grid of images?

Igtanloc: And it uses blog posts

Iverson: To display, but when i click it brings to the post – i want the hyperlink the image to a doc

Lebario: Hussey: understood on rollover hours, and im pretty sure we dont do those. I guess im mainly looking for some way to keep track of all the different WP versions, plugin versions we have out there and when they require patching. everything’s deployed through docker images so we wont be doing live updates through the admin or anything like that

Ramrirez: Jack_: anything is possible with WP.

Frutoz: But not sure i this is something that is simp or involved

Riveria: Jack_: you can do something as simple as grabbing a theme that does tha tfor you OR you can write your own theme. What is your level of experience with WP?

Onstead: Jack_: why not just make a grid of images you link to these docs?

Daly: Jack_: it can be as simple or involved as you want it to be

Onstead: Jack_: you know a website is just a do***ent right?

Ganin: Yeah thats what I wiill do – use it to images

Zalk: I know enough to get around wordpress but I cannot code anything

Scotting: And am getting pretty far along. Its just that I have docs and wanted to do something different rather than just post links with words

Onstead: So a href=’/my-do***ent/”img src=”/some-image.jpg” //a

Onstead: Jack_: a post is a do***ent.

Onstead: Maybe you should make your single.php display those do***ents posts as you want them?

Onstead: Rather than deceptive links that take people elsewhere

Russomanno: Hmm not not versed well enough to go that route.

Canatella: I dont thnk thy are deceptive links

Prentiss: Wienert: are you using some type of plugin with this?

Dinnen: I am not going pretend its bringing them to a post

Qua: Wienert: I am looking more closely at your code and am a little concerned by it

Reges: I wont ven show psot data inthe picture, just a picture that has the name of the do***ent

Onstead: Jack_: if i came on a site where the links looked like they went to posts, but went somewhere else, that would be “deceptive” to me, regardless of intent

Clarson: Jack_: what exactly is your site going to do? what kind of content?

Onstead: Deets. all in the deets.

Wienert: Hussey, as you should be. and no, I am not using any plugins.

Manvelyan: Does “do***ent’ mean a PDF file, a page on your site, a page on another site, a… ?

Wolken: Wienert: are you not using the Types plugin?

Goltra: The links wont look liek hey ae going to post

Sawransky: Imagine a masonry portfolio with pcitures

Langerman: I want each picture to link to a doc download

Granelli: Wienert: try this code in place of your entire paste please

Wienert: Sorry, yes, I am using types

Onstead: So a href=’/my-do***ent/”img src=”/some-image.jpg” //a

Onstead: Wienert: what are you trying to do with types?

Bracy: Jack_: you aren’t being very clear here. So tell me. why would people want to download an image from your site? What is the purpose ?

Manvelyan: Jack_: easily done…. use a photo gallery that supports mosaic and allows gallery images to be linked.

Mcgrane: Jack_: are you doing a download of the image in your portfolio grid? Or some other do***ent?

Gallander: Download importnant information —– that can be hyperlinked

Kammerer: And then you download a pdf with important informaiton