Pfau: Live

Galicinao: Is an example of that :/

Coutts: Seemant: percent height only works if the parent element has a height other than auto

Dewan: Why do you need an iframe?

Coutts: Which is the default height

Gerache: DragonPunch: embedding things — google form and eventbrite widget

Mancillas: Coutts: thank you — when I change the height of the parent div in the chromium debugger, it doesn’t seem to have any effect

Merales: Logany: not too sure since that smartmenu is showing some weird css, but it’s likely the menu is too tall to fit

Sirmon: Coutts: tried setting it to 100%, 100vh but haven’t tried specific pixel heights, which I’m wary of doing

Coutts: Seemant: 100vh does work

Coutts: But thats pretty tall

Markowitz: Spacenomad: weird for sure yeah. You definitely don’t want to see the rest of the site :/ It makes my head spin

Bennet: Coutts: I’m not sure what even changed, as it used to work right outta box

Freiseis: Coutts: any recommendations on height set?

Coutts: You probably specified a px value

Coutts: Just figure out how tall the form is and use that?

Garver: Hmm I don’t recall doing that — it was a lot of depending on bootstrap behaviour

Drybread: What’s confusing me is that Google Chrome’s highlighting doesn’t actually highlight the elements

Loewe: Spacenomad: I can’t find where that CSS for SmartpeepMainMenu comes from :/

Carabello: Coutts: did you see the contact form that I linked? seems weird no?

Coutts: Not really, thats what is supposed to happen

Savakis: Coutts: setting the parent’s height to anything doesn’t change the iframe height at all over here

Mccloe: Coutts: you’re seeing it change?

Coutts: Yea, setting it to like 700px changes it

Wolsey: Hey guys, i’m trying to clip a container that exceeds the viewport. however overflow:hidden doesnt appear to be working in this case. any ideas?

Newill: Coutts: so I really have to set it to a specific pixel height?

Henly: Sorry, I’m definitely n00bish

Coutts: But yea, a length of some sort

Coutts: Gkwhc: do you have a testcase or live page?

Dinwoodie: So weird, I’ve got css being rendered on my page under CDATA but I dunno where it comes from or how to get rid of it

Coutts: Probably whatever youre using for the backend

Roskos: Coutts: with this in there, I’m sure it’s something to do with but still no ideas where to find what’s doing it #SmartpeepMainMenu a.popout { background-image:url”/WebResource.axd?d=Y2Ca97DFFO3UWP3-w2CuE***HIL2AzuzS15i8L8-_R2HAnTvALEkhqpeHsaR4yZQebTw3HEKEu09IhPZSB5OzCTEc3F9C65s6btadG_wScI1&t=635589507571259667″;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:right center;padding-right:14px; }

Coutts: Well, thats probably a better question for

Wolsey: Coutts: however it seems to be okay here, but not with the framework

Coutts: Are you using your browser inspector?

Coutts: You can probably narrow it down

Wolsey: Basically i dont want the horizontal scroll bar, the container should be clipped

Tawwater: Coutts: you’re probably right about it being for but the question is whether or not they’ll actually deign to answer me there

Wolsey: Coutts: or is there a way to let content overflow out of the container, but clip the content?

Coutts: You can put overflow: hidden; on the content if you give it a width

Wolsey: Coutts: oh sweet! i enclosed it in another container and now the overflow’s hidden

Wolsey: The content in there are live tiles, and it automatically wraps to the next line if the container is too small

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