Hell, i managed to change.

Brinkmeier: Static as in imgs.asylum.rocks?

Free: Yes, did you set that up?

Furton: The sub domain is there yes

Varnadore: It’s a yes or no question

Lazio: Did it in my cpanel the other day

Siena: Ah, w3tc starts at line 174

Einck: OK bad I would take it?

Fick: Should I take out all the stuff before 174?

Hules: Without knowing what else you did or why you did it, how would I know? You’ve been flailing around those stupid page scores rather than approaching them methodically.

Icard: OK I am going to take out everything

Tafreshi: And leave the w3tc stuff

Tanabe: Http://pastebin.com/E1BUPwN4

Birdo: Why ar eyou setting a timezone in .htaccess?

Marinaro: I am going off what I found in a doc that improved things

Ogburn: Copy/paste with no understanding. always a good strategy he says, channeling opsec

Hanville: No I did a search a while ago

Gattuso: On some teps to make things better

Louria: Look at 1-5 WHAT DO YOU THINK IT”S DOING?

Rasmus: It is just making it so if you go to my domain it takes out the www

Brindza: No. If you go to www.domain.tld it goes to domain.tld

Bockover: Your domain is not domain.tld

Mihalkovic: I thought I should change that but never did

Hereda: And changed the other stuff

Bogden: But in WP id does the change around for me so 1-5 is not needed right?

Bianchin: That’s no needed if siteurl is properly set

Kala: Now it is all lean and mean

Cardeiro: Should not need any other tweaks I would think

Bomba: This is probably really simple, but I can’t figure it out. I want to hide the wp logo on the login page and I’ve written the css for it, but how do you import that css for the login page?

Sabates: I have the code in my child theme css

Abbas: I had to do this with a plugin

Preuett: Optimize disk enhanced page and minify disk caching for NFS sterndata on or off?

Cardoza: At least that is how I was able to do it

Gerney: I thought you could do it with .login h1 a { display: none; }

Gollnick: But maybe its not that easy

Ernsberger: Never done it that way

Sroufe: Sterndata after changing all that in htaccess I am rising up in scores

Vandellen: Does anyone here know of any good woocommerce minimalist themes?

Vensel: I’m just looking for something totally clean but can’t find it anywhere

Chislom: No sidebars, small 80px tall header

Brening: 4 products per row and that’s it

Mogannam: No animations, no flashy design

Nacci: Http://www.woothemes.com/storefront/

Baetz: I’m using that one and it’s perfect so far but i’m having trouble with changing the header

Butay: It’s too big and cluttery; i’d like my customers to see the entirety of the product when they land on it

Brining: The header just shoves everything down

Fuhrmann: You can child theme it or use any of the Woo extensions http://www.woothemes.com/product-category/storefront-extensions/

Montan: Okay, i’ll try but it’s beyond my knowledge

Nordeen: That’s when you learn it, or hire someone.

Nordeen: Changing that theme’s header is trivial.

Fruehauf: Can it be done through css alone?

Nordeen: I just did it, removed the top padding, set an explicit height to 80px, done.

Gaydosh: Hell, i managed to change it by moving elements up and down. like using margin-top: -160px but i have a feeling that this isn’t a good way to do it