Newbie question i’d like to.

Hadwin: Particularly the styling of the footer.

Riston: Pod sorry fell asleep last night, awesome work though!

Riston: Hi guys, is there any selector for every incremented child?

Fralix: What do you mean by every incremented child

Riston: Say I have div imgimgimg /div

Riston: I want to be able to select all 3 images seperately

Riston: Don’t know how to explain it well but. I want to be able to edit img1, img2 and img3 without having to add cl***es to them

Vandergraph: Hi guys , how can i make the circle and the text inline perfectly? like vertical-align middle on text

Riston: I guess I could do div img + img + img for the third one, but there must be a better way right?

Bonventre: Https:// axscode

Pod: Riston, img:nth-child3 {}

Pod: Riston,

Releford: Hello, could you please help me design a page that looks like this

Hodos: Http://

Stephan: Dv***: We’re not going to design for you. We can point you to resources to learn, or help if you’ve got some of the way and are stuck

Huckleberry: Managed to make them big and stuff

Amparan: But I don’t know how to space them

Cangialosi: What’s the best approach

Vanorsdol: I doubt lots of margins is the way to go

Boglioli: Have a link to your progress?

Jannusch: Particularly if I want to make it responsive

Yearby: Http://

Gruening: FYI, the top one isn’t age anymore it’s a selector

Traub: I have adapted Bootstrap’s CSS

Mccormik: I meant a link to the webpage which uses your CSS

Olona: I’d use margins to create the spacing between the elements

Liberati: Really? I thought that would be a hacky way

Ondersma: Margins are a key part of layout, not a hack

Escoe: The gaps between paragraphs and headings are all done with margins for example

Maffitt: How could I center it though

Grundhoefer: So I want to have the whole form in the middle of the page vertically and horizontally

Hayburn: Place a div around your form, and use margin-left: auto and margin-right: auto on the div

Krois: So that makes it centered horizontally?

Muenzenberger: What about vertically? Would using a section be okay or div

Kellon: Using section shouldn’t make a difference

Cloutier: Vertically is more tricky, see

Tomaszycki: IceBot3000: Didn’t work

Debey: I set center to vertical and horizontal

Loosen: Copied it over but nup

Lapham: IceBot3000: Didn’t actually center it

Ludlam: Please make a jsfiddle or self-contained example

Kibbler: Https://

Hervey: Https://

Dolph: IceBot3000: that has collab

Ferranti: Hi, i have a slider that doesn’t display the slides in mobile, i’m using firebug and chrome dev tools to try to figure out what’s causing the issue but i can’t finda anything, could anyone tell me some tips as to where to look?

Thul: Hi guys.i’m notice a pattern where the home pages usually start that with using a body that uses full width, then a content box with a smaller spec width e.g 960px that is centralized

Meisels: Is this like some design safe rule?

Favorite: Sl33k: its mostly a holdover from when most screens were 1024px wide

Heitbrink: Favorite: i’m really new with these things and want a list of common good web design/layout tricks I can learn from. Backend dev taking interest in front end works

Michel: Hemley: not obvious by looking or i dont know how too

Winkler: Sl33k: That’s for scaling on mobiles and stuff, dev tools is something you’ll just get used to as you use it more, in this case you find the element that fills up the first section and in styles you’ll see height: 100vh. vh being one of the viewport units

Gonzalas: Toudle: if there is some tutorial of sort or a term to help me google. the effect to be sure we are talking of same thing i am talking about: is scrolling through a single web page appearing like its multiple pages scroling off

Staehler: Dv***, i modified html,body,.first-section

Bielinski: Sl33k: Hmm if there is a specific name I’ve forgotten it, but viewport height vh is pretty much the thing you need for them

Taglieri: Dv***, do you want this? :

Seeger: Hi guys, i have video with background color #459cd6, and my container has the same color as background, so when i autoplay video it looks like it blends within the page. And everything is fine in Chrome and Firefox, but Safari somehow renders that color code differently, not sure how to fix this?

Hirose: Bogh the RGB-colorspace used in the video is just not the same as used by Safari. To fix this you have to use different videos with the correct color-space for each browser.

Vandriel: Https://,css,output why if I hover over the first li item pick up shopping the “Mark as done” button’s opacity changes to 1. I mean this button is taking up the whole width, even tho it’s background isn’t all over the line

Lewi: I made a fixed div, works as my header. so when I scroll down a list it stays in the top. it has a textbox and a search button. now on IOS, when I click the textbox and it becomes editable. suddenly the position isn’t fixed anymore. and it dissapears as I scroll past it. anyone got a fix for this?

Ruether: To shift element box down a page, is margins the common go to trick?

Sadhu: Sl33k: That’s position absolutely

Yoeckel: Newbie question i’d like to display a text but when it exceeds a certain limit to display the remaining text that progressively disapear, some nice person from #javascript recommends the usage of text-overflow: ellipsis or overflow:hidden but they do not really achieve what i need