Hmmmm. yeah, an LMS might.

Letlow: Checkit: please paste your code

Bivin: Doremon: we can not help you with choosing a theme.

Whitlingum: I will. wp_die came from the codex docs on writing ajax functionality into custom plugins.

Rudolf: LindsayM_:

Soler: LindsayM_ I’n not here to pick a theme. I’m here to get some ideas how wordpress can well accomodate the content

Stys: LindsayM_ is that something I can discuss here?

Hinely: Doremon: then why did you ask for help on which theme to choose?

Sachez: Doremon: whats’ the old site?

Moes: Doremon: honestly. its a bit outside of the scope of the room but you can ask away.

Macadamia: LindsayM_ sorry for that . I wanted to point how WordPress will “Present the content” in a more best way which are possible by wordpress

Stallman: Checkit: just do wp_dievar_dump$upload; inside of your if statement to see what gets returned when you run the code

Sachez: Doremon: I asked “what’s the site”?

Lilleberg: LindsayM_: Already did that. I get the full and correct path that “should have” been created.

Lolar: Doremon: i understand that. This is a support room for WP devs. You’re asking about data architecture, site planning, and general consulting which is typically outside the scope but if Sachez wants to help, then just ask

Krummel: My existing website is . it publishes media files of some conference,discussion,scholar sessions in form of Video/Audio download and streaming.

Laigo: Checkit: or get rid of that if statement entirely and just put the var_dump before the mkdir code

Lenon: Sachez to be precise here is a page .

Zerangue: At the start of this script the directory “podcasts” exists in /wp-content/uploads. I need to add /wp-content/upload/podcasts/user/year/month.

Gentner: Checkit: are you listening at all to what i’m typing?

Dibiase: Should I use individual posts for each “Lecture” or use a single post for all Lectures inside a Topic. Or I should just use Pages and not use Posts at all

Geib: LindsayM_: Yes. I am.

Maclean: LindsayM_: What did I miss?

Sachez: Doremon: if I undedrstand correctly and if Google is translating correctly you have a event cl***, lecture with attached events. Each of those has up to 3 attached files and possibly a link to a gallery.

Vaughen: Doremon: this is going to be a big and complex move

Kuning: Checkit: I asked you to do a couple of things.

Esfahani: Checkit: still waiting on the results of that

Rozgonyi: Remove the if and dump $upload.

Letcher: I’ve Subject . each Subject have Topics . each Topic have one or more Lectures

Highbaugh: Checkit: yes. waiting

Sachez: Doremon: off the top of my head, you need at least two custom post types, one for the lecture series and lectures.

Boero: Doremon: this is going to require a pretty solid understanding of the WP data architecture and data types, what they do and how you’re going to use your existing data types

Sachez: Given that, it’s not to hard

Laminack: I get the path to the directory that shoudl’ve been created.

Butanda: I disagree with Sachez Doremon

Sachez: Doremon: but you’re not going to find an off the shelf solution

Codeluppi: Checkit: ok . so you get that when you trigger your ajax?

Danniels: Checkit: that means that your function is, in fact, firing at least

Belotti: Doremon: you can checkout some of these wordpress-themes-plugins/">

Roseberry: Guimares: Yes. Well, it has been. The issue is the mkdir method.

Rise: Doremon: but you are really going to want to talk with a consultant on this

Sachez: Hmmmm. yeah, an LMS might be a solution