Can you post a fiddle or.

Bozzone: You could do an :after psuedocl*** and content: “2193”;

Boham: Emaczen you can also do fonticons via placeholder=”

Bodkins: Is it possible to have a div which is position:absolute but increases size depending on content?

Pressey: Hello there. I cannot understand why this doesnt works but this works great

Kaboos: Could anybody explain me why?

Marrett: The_Ball: maybe with flex-shrink?

Marrett: Probably not I bet. mixing the two would probably yield wtf results

Marrett: Display: table-cell p’raps

Bonne: Nemo, haven’t heard about flex-shrink

Marrett: The_Ball: I’m gonna bet on display: table-cell

Marrett: In fact, trying it now ☺

Marrett: The_Ball: seems to work.

Seguin: Midori-rus hierarchy affects rendering order, it’s not just z-index that is considered

Marrett: The_Ball:

Marrett: The_Ball: well. actually.

Marrett: Table-cell seems to do jack squat

Marrett: The positioned block already shrinkwraps to content width?

Marrett: Http:// without display: table-cell

Nadelbach: Hmm, mine goes 100% width but could be inherited

Goodall: Do you guys know if there are docs for word-break: break-word ?

Marrett: Ravenzz: you mean word-wrap no?

Marrett: Https://

Everett: Nemo: no, word-break: break-word — the non standard prop for webkit

Marrett: Https://

Kyung: There is no reference for break-word :

Marrett: There is in word-wrap 😝

Marrett: No mention of break-word in spec

Marrett: Https://

Marrett: Linked off the dev mo site, although someone *****ed up the link. gotta fix that

Marrett: Ravenzz: soooo are you sure this thing even exists

Marrett: Why would you use it then? O_o

Vandenberghe: Nemo:

Marrett: A mysterious, undo***ented non-standard property

Marrett: Ravenzz: reading that bug, it sounds like word-break: break-word == word-wrap: break-word in chrome

Marrett: Ravenzz: as if it is some odd typo combination

Marrett: So damned if I can figure out why you’d ever do that

Marrett: Unless you were trying to trigger bug behaviour

Paulin: Can you guys stop arguing

Dechant: Its tearing this family apart

Barnas: Nemo: I asked if anyone knows about docs

Crosbie: I didn’t say I am using it

Karmely: Docs that describes why it exists and what it is for

Marrett: Well, reading that bug it sounds like maybe someone put it in there to handle buggy CSS

Marrett: Other than that, going to go w/ “human error”

Marrett: Ravenzz: that bug also says it is treated identically to the correct syntax, which would play into “working around human error”

Marrett: I can’t imagine there’d be any more of a doc than that

Chihak: Thanks for your *help*

Pellin: Is it possible to make ul’s list-style-type align to the top of li’s

Cozzi: Plamb you mean only the list style type aligning as if it has no margin or padding on the LI, but not the LI text?

Akard: It shows numbers or bullets to the left

Brigance: But they’re aligned to the middle of my li elements

Haer: Can you post a fiddle or something?