Hi, I need to move my old.

Sachez: So it’s not really modal, just a new window via javascript

Quillman: Heyho, another question – should get_option work outside of the admin panel? if not, how can I retrieve settings outside?

Difrancesco: Having the issue that get_option delivers an empty string while it works in the admin panel.

Everheart: Sackrebutz: have you done a var_dump on it? or just echoing it?

Polovoy: Sackrebutz: also, share your code if you can please

Enote: Sackrebutz: var_dump that shiz

Sachez: Sackrebutz: are you still alive?

Sachez: Another untimely death due to var_dump

Tillou: So this is the code that tries to display the var is here: https://dpaste.de/CDd7

Sachez: This is part of what file?

Prashad: That’s the plugin file.

Sachez: What is the return value for get_options? We asked for a dump of that.

Bonnenfant: On it, didn’t do it before.

Sachez: And lt should be echo get_option’ckey’;

Nolfe: Sackrebutz: why is it taking so long to do a var_dump?

Sachez: Because get_option doesn’t echo anything.,

Rohdenburg: And yes. sackrebutz what Sachez said. you have to echo the get_option so either $myvar = get_option’mykey’; echo $myvar

Bertot: OR echo get_option’mykey’;

Shubeck: It was the missing echo.

Cordon: Sackrebutz: basics bud

Chamness: Sackrebutz: and when in doubt, ALWAYS var_dump

Bulosan: Sackrebutz: if you dont know how to var_dump, learn it right now

Tall: I’m a Python/Suddreth expert and farely new to PHP and WordPress. Thanks for your help LindsayM_

Siddons: Sackrebutz: like i said. when in doubt, var_dump it.

Wolchesky: Sackrebutz: also, wordpress has a debug tool called wp_die when lets you kill a function when it hits it and you can do a var_dump inside of it so you can kill the function and dump a variable’s contents

Sachez: Sackrebutz: it has Benzing to do with PHP or WordPress. It’s a matter of reading the codex and looking at the line that says “return value”

Garofolo: Thanks for the hint, LindsayM_ !

Lindersmith: Sachez: well. it has to do with basic debugging as well. I mean, even if you glossed over that in the codex, a very quick programmer would know immediately that they missed it if they did the first step in debugging which is to dump that shiz

Sachez: Actually, if the question had been “why isn’t the value of get_options echoed to the page”, we’d have been done a long time ago.

Bonge: If you know the answer, you know the question ;

Scotton: Have a nice evening! bye

Sachez: Sackrebutz: always better to start with the answer!

Gazaille: Hey all. For some reason I’m having some trouble getting the wp_mkdir_p method work within an AJAZ CB. If I move the same snippet over to my plugin installation script it works fine. Any thoughts?

Rakestrow: Are you trying to say ajax call back?

Birdette: LindsayM_: Oops. yes.

Nagle: I love when people use acronyms NO ONE actually uses.

Occhipinti: I see AJAX cb’s used in jquery and other js channels.

Gilomen: Never seen the word Callback said as a cb

Rowden: You have a callback function in your ajax which you say does not run wp_mkdir_p

Bergant: Checkit: but you know for sure that the callback is actually running?

Japp: The callback is actually running. The directories are not being created LindsayM_

Nakamura: I’ll wrap the method in an if to make sure it’s firing.

Cederberg: Checkit: just do a var_dump or a wp_die in the callback

Gliem: Checkit: also, paste your code

Needles: LindsayM_: I have wp_die at the end because of the json_reponse

Schuetz: Hi, I need to move my old website over to WordPress but I need some help in getting idea what theme to chose.