Hmm ,I’m gonna try to.

Carney: Hello again, I created a custom post_type and I’ve outputted the post content to a custom template. This feature allow visitors to vote on 1 of 2 items. I’m p***ing the vote param & ID as part of the query string to __SELF__ essentially. How can I access query string parameters before the post is output again to log the data?

Sachez: Venible: do you have multiple _posts tables i.e., are you using the wrong prefix?

Hardisty: Douillet: that sounds pretty cool, did you use a plugin or follow an article or anything?

Douillet: Jfive: There’s a very simple plugin someone made

Farrauto: Hmmm, forgot my p*** but have access to the database, any ideas how to make sense of this: $P$BRbvAHCXcIrgzbWIvXMxS0Dl2x6w/Y. ?

Hardisty: Douillet: this one?

Solarz: Toothfairy_:***word

Philmon: Sachez: havent setup the mailer on my server

Sachez: Read all of the article

Hardisty: Douillet: very cool, i’ll check it out

Sachez: Toothfairy_: you mean you forgot your MySQL p***word?

Agrela: I think I found how to solve the problem

Sachez: Toothfairy_: or your WP p***word?

Perham: Sachez: the wordpress admin p***

Hardisty: Okay, i’ve updated the docs to say this: “For development sites, the default value of WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE is true. For other sites sites, the default value of WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE is minor.”

Hardisty: Hopefully that’s correct, someone correct me or edit the page if i’m wrong!

Mastrangelo: Tnx Sachez, that sorted it

Easterling: Sachez: it was my wp p***word which I had forgot but I now sorted it out

Hadcock: Through updating the tables with a new

Sachez: OK, toothfairy_. The codex has several ways to fix that w/o using email.

Brimeyer: Sachez: yes but unfortunately I do not have a mailer setup at my dedicated server

Venible: I have wp_posts for my main site

Venible: And I have wp_2_posts for my subdomain multisite

Sachez: Venible: aha. ok, multisite. I now flee

Salmi: Venible: Please help us keep Bertman a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Sachez: Toothfairy_: sudo yum install sendmail; sudo systemctl start sendmail.service :-

Freudenstein: Could someone advise me on how to fix an issue regarding effecitvely the wrong string being output on a buy now option in woocommerce. This page shows the issue. There should be no select options only buy now there’s one sitting in the middle of that page working fine!?

Buland: Hi guys! I have problem with migrating wordpress from our initial test evironment to production. Namely, the links to fonts, and some other ***ets in Avada are absolute, linking to the test site. I ran grep -r on the worpdress folder looking for the links, and searched for them in the settings saved in the DB. Any idea on what I missed?

Ledon: Http:// is the link

Marro: That’s the part that I have a hard time of finding. I didn’t actually do anything on the site, our marketing guys did. I’m just the sysadmin stuck wth migrating it.

Sachez: What’s the site’s URL, syslik?

Prendes: The prod to-be doesn’t have a public dns record yet, the test is

Sachez: Syslik: the fonts seem to come from Google

Riffel: Sec I’ll paste the requests that I have issues with

Balay: I.e. wordpress-seo/css/adminbar.min.css?ver=2.3.4">

Weflen: The prod deployment requested this

Sachez: That’s a plugin; what’s the issue?

Sachez: And if it’s the admin bar it applies onlyt to logged in users

Jayson: Hmm ,I’m gonna try to reinstall the plugins. Just in case they saved the original link in a weird way that I can’t find.