Carney: did it occur to.

Micari: But yeah, i get that request when i go to not a public DNS. And it’s plugins and various ***ets even from the core installation.

Sachez: How did you deploy the site?

Sachez: Did you try fixing up links with searchreplacedb2.php?

Noris: DB duplicate, copied the files over to the other server, changed the DB links and all URL related settings

Hren: Nope,will have a look

Towles: Syslik: Google result for searchreplacedb2.php – wordpress-databases/">

Carney: What WP method can I use to upload a file to a specific directory? wp_handle_upload only uploads to standard upload {data} directory.

Sachez: Carney: look here for some info on setting and removing a filter wordpress-custom-upload-directory/">

Suffridge: Is there any way I can get the same fomatting as ‘the_content’ with apply_filters or similar without using it it directly? For some reason a plugin i’m using isn’t rendering the content I want and instead rendering the login page.

Carney: Sachez: Thank you but I don’t really need a filter for that. I have a custom path w/in uploads that I need to upload to. I have the path & handle but i can’t find a WP upload method that I can p*** a target o.

Gilfillan: Eddq: tell us what you’re *actually* doing. “a plugin i’m using” doesn’t tell us anything. no link, no real description of what your top level goal is.

Sachez: Carney: is this a permanent setting?

Carney: No. Only specific to a custom plugin I’m building.

Suffridge: Opsec: membership 2 pro is the plugin, I have a modal for T&Cs on the register section of a BuddyPress & Graivty forms form. Without Membership 2 pro the T&Cs which are stored in a theme options field display fine, when the mebership 2 pro is enabled it renders the default buddypress Create an Account form inside the modal instead –

Sachez: Carney: it seems your plugin needs to use a filter wordpress-upload-folder-programmatically">

Suffridge: Opsec: the modal code:

Tohonnie: Sachez: the searchreplacedb2.php script helped! thanks a lot!

Suffridge: Right fixed it. uses wpautop instead

Platania: Would anyone be willing to advise me on how to replace woocommerce buy now options? Just want to remove “select options” and make “buy now” for all. Only one is correct on is the link not sure why?

Richarson: Kingfisher64, gettext ;

Richarson: Add_action’gettext, ‘replace_woo_phrases’; function replace_woo_phrases$text { if$text == ‘Select Options’} { return ‘Buy Now’; } return $text; }

Richarson: Check syntax there — meant instead of } after Options’

Richarson: I’ve resorted to using gettext to replace some woo phrases as i couldn’t find another way. but there may exist a better way

Varona: I think there is Richarson, customizer plugin comes to mind but it didn’t work so. Excuse my ignorance. Do I add the code you’ve put above in functions.php

Ree: Thank you bye the way

Deglanville: Add_action’gettext, ‘replace_woo_phrases’; function replace_woo_phrases$text { if$text == ‘Select Options’ — { return ‘Buy Now’; } return $text; }

Dharas: Is that correct Richarson

Carney: Sachez: So, that upload solution you gave me w/ the filters, does that change the default dir used by wp_handle_upload?

Sachez: That’s the point of the filter, mrjonleek

Sachez: Carney:

Sachez: Carney: “sing this, in conjunction with the upload_dir, you can dynamically determine which directory to upload to, based on the files you upload.”

Carney: I see Sachez. Just wanted to make sure. I came to that conclusion when I saw the remove_filter bit.

Sachez: Carney: did it occur to you to try it?