Vicars: Its much faster to.

Mitri: All of them are seeming to be https for me

Read: VanHagar sometimes the dev console shows the error is on index:1, sometimes it shows masonry.min.js

Russotti: So you have the full lock icon ?

Cicerelli: No mixed resources warning?

Hirayama: In chrome it loaded with no warning

Lahne: But i mean in the top left corner

Idema: Is it the full lock or does it have a triangle over it

Claytor: No warnings in IE either

Reaney: Thanks, must be a local caching issue or something

Sharpsteen: You running a cache plugin?

Imperatore: Hmm I just checked it on another browser and still getting the same 2 elements

Chomka: Well clear your cache

Sabados: I just tried it on my phone not on wifi and it also is showing https struck out

Augustson: Any of you use woo commerce for e-commerce on wordpress?

Cockrel: Lazy question: Is running get_post_meta 123 more “expensive” than get_post_meta 123, foo ? If not then it would be better to just get all meta and select the ones you want in PHP instead of asking WP for each one seperately. I’ll test it if no-one knows. :

Roble: Well clear your browser’s cache

Ramagos: _Th1nKT4nK_: many people do

Culotti: Are you chrome for android?

Herbig: Yeah i tried chrome and default android internet browser

Skornia: I wanted to show the products in a list way. But I only wanted to show it in that way. It’s for a restaurant. I see that theres a plugin which does that. But is it possible to make it show in some parts list and in the front page grid?

Tucci: I’m going to check the name of the plugin

Fassino: This one is the plugin

Short: Sorry, I said it wrong. I want to show in grid in one place and list in other without the user have the option to change it.

Mella: Well try cleanng you cache

Mcquitty: Because nothin is happening here

Baudino: I think it might be a conflict with masonry.js

Hardisty: Can anyone tell me what the default value is for WP_AUTO_CORE_UPDATE

Kubis: Jfive:

Hardisty: Sachez: i’ve read that entire page already, but thank you nonetheless

Hardisty: Is the default minor? does anyone know?

Hardisty: Ahh it does say it, in the text at the top, i see now:

Hardisty: So the default value would, in fact, be “minor”

Hardisty: Just trying to figure out what happens when i site’s wp-config.php doersn’t define WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE at all

Sachez: Jfive: look in wp-admin/includes/cl***-wp-upgrader.php

Hardisty: That page should really put something like “default” after the minor value, so it’s more apparent that that’s the default

Sachez: Jfive: it’s a Wiki. make your edit.

Hardisty: Ah, nice, i’ll try it now

Hardisty: Wow my first wordpress do***entation edit

Hardisty: Http://

Hardisty: Http:// — so, this is the relavent code from wp-admin/includes/cl***-wp-upgrader.php

Venible: Why would my database.wp_posts is full of posts and pages, but wp-admin doesnt find any ?

Hardisty: Not too bad, yourself?

Hardisty: Just trying to figure out the default value of WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE when it’s not specified in the wp-config.php file

Douillet: Meh, just got bcrypt working on our WP

Canter: Check you db connection

Vanblaricum: Vicars: Its much faster to get all post meta than to call each. Factor 10+. Didnt test beyond that.