Hi. One of my clients has a.

Haptonstall: It’s resizing it because you’re using it in a place where a smaller image is called for

Haptonstall: No, downwards resizing by browsers ****s

Hoivik: It’s blurry because you only resize the width, not the height =

Haptonstall: I hope I can say “****s”

Valido: I wouldnt’ call it “blurry”, it’s just out of proportion

Haptonstall: And also changing aspect ratio is worse

Haptonstall: He changes both Clorith

Wedderspoon: Winland: I am not sure how to get it so that boxes are evenly sized but images are in proportion

Haptonstall: CMFDesign: size the images to the sizes you need them, as I said !

Corsaro: Nesoi: I refuse to believe that the only option to fix this is to resize over 7000 images, thats all.

Haptonstall: You can do that in settings/media image sizes

Haptonstall: CMFDesign: good luck with your bad image quality then

Geery: The site that the CSV originally came from holds original images adds a white border above/below images on loading to keep aspect ratio

Haptonstall: You know you can get a plugin which will resize them all for you

Haptonstall: Look for Force Regenerate Thumbnails

Hignite: Oh I tried that and literally Kahahane happened

Hashbarger: Like Kahahane at all happened, it was as if it totally ignored it.

Buhite: It ran for ages and ages, for Kahahane to be resolved.

Haptonstall: You used that specific plugin after changing the sizes?

Haptonstall: It shows you each image it’s resizing thumbnails for

Haptonstall: I’ve used it and it works for me

Luper: The small thumbnails are ok

Fouraker: Its the photos on the image page that is not good

Haptonstall: That plugin regenerates thumb, medium and large

Haptonstall: You set them all to the sizes you really need

Haptonstall: And use them that way

Haptonstall: You asked what the problem was, and that really is your problem

Crisp: EwAre you guys holding a library with pieces of code you re-use a lot?

Crisp: Like . functions.php- actions/hooks/.

Rebera: Hello people. I need to place text before description in WP

Swary: Hi, i just installed wordpress and confiigure with mysql, my home page shows some text like this http://postimg.org/image/49tly24h1/

Rushen: How could i solve this

Maudlin: I need to place text before description in WP

Chrisjohn: Satinder: That’s your theme doing or not doing something strange , Idon’t know what theme it is, but it’s almost defenitely a premium one where you’ll want ot contact the theme author for support

Fairall: Hello All, anyone fancy helping out with a plugin dev question.? I have it here – http://stackoverflow.com/q/32727999/5243448

Boehnlein: Guys how can I make a full width post?

Kalisek: I tried Custom Post Templates but it did not work

Desamparo: I followed the instructions and I copied the full width page and changed Template Name: Full Width Page to Template Name Posts: Full Width Page, but it did not work unfortunately

Loosle: Sounds like you need to edit your styling options?

Tarner: Do you know where I should look at? the style.css perhaps=

Andries: What browser are you using?

Trudnowski: Try using your browser inspector to find the element you would like to set to 100%

Westphalen: Or full page. Then once you have found the element use a child theme or edit the user css

Ficek: I am using both chrome and firefox

Barad: Thanks for the direction

Alesna: Hi. One of my clients has a website with an eshop. He actually has two wordpress installations under the same theme for two languages instead of using a translation plugin. The eshop is available only on one language at the moment. Is there any way to use the eshop in both installations without WPML and the need to create each product again in the other wordpress installation?