Because the actual image is.

Henneberry: What are you running ?

Haptonstall: Emil: are you installing WP by hand somewhere?

Dueno: Can i get recommended a good eufrance hosting?, also i wonder if i could setup a vps in one day.

Dueno: Or if shared hosting will be good enough for a intermediate website

Rosener: Aspock: Yeah, you pretty much just made me realise I forgot to put the single boolean in

Haptonstall: Emil_: that was good feedback. Now I can definitely give you some advice!

Babilon: Nesoi: That’s very helpful of you! : Now I’ll definitely want to learn more!

Solima: Nesoi: anycase like I said it’s the clean wordpress install from Digital Ocean

Haptonstall: Emil_: right, so you’re installing it by hand

Prata: Aspock: thanks, found it

Korey: Anycase, it seems all is now good

Bez: Anyone in here with Woocommerce experience who can help me quickly

Kujak: I have an issue I can’t work out and the woocommerce channel is empty

Cochell: Can you describe issue ?

Heap: I am using a CSV to upload MANY products, but the images are coming up cropped or blurry, just generally not good.

Hardges: Http:// – Click through and you’ll see what I mean. Just can’t get images to look good at all

Haptonstall: CMFDesign: first of all, the images are scaled to some odd aspect ratio and then only scale to correct aspect ratio once the user hovers. this is guaranteed to make them look like ****

Wilkison: Nesoi: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Haptonstall: Ok, make them look crabby

Englert: Nesoi: Apart from the bot giving you a spanking, you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Haptonstall: The full sized images look ok to me

Haptonstall: So it’s your thumbnails which are bad

Cadet: Nesoi: Yeah full size seem ok, just thumbnails and product items on product pages

Haptonstall: My first suggestion is that if you want a smaller and larger thumbnail which are used for the default image and on hover, you should generate two different sizes of thumbnails, both with the correct aspect ratio

Haptonstall: Also, your thumbnail for the table and chairs is this

Haptonstall: You are letting the browser resize it

Haptonstall: That is also guaranteed to make it look like spit :

Haptonstall: You should size it to the actual size you want, and then just include it into the page at that size

Hickingbottom: Ok, but there is around 7000 images

Kragh: You saying I need to generate and host those somewhere, post the individual links in the CSV and then call thumbs from there?

Haptonstall: No, I’m just talking about your images and why they look bad

Haptonstall: I’m not a WP expert, but I know about images

Haptonstall: But yes, you need to generate images at the correct sizes that you actually want to use

Stupka: Yeah, but for me to have even columns of 4 on wordpress products, is there no way to crop them and stop them being blurry?

Haptonstall: And yes they need to exist somewhere, either on your site or elsewhere

Nojiri: So its have a marginally cropped image or a squashed image, no between.

Haptonstall: Did you even look?

Haptonstall: That’s your thumbnail

Haptonstall: What’s blurry is when the browser resizes it

Rivelli: Yeah but I can’t see how/why the browser is resizing or where to control that.

Wieber: Because the actual image is bigger than any container, so shouldn’t be blurry as only resizing is downwards.