Malbaurn: Admin Menu Editor.

Bruender: Fairall check my ans if it helps on stackoverflow

Flamino: Is this file necesary? “wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” ?

Sabatelli: Im recieving a lot of attacks through this file

Casdorph: Can’t I just remove it?

Becklin: Not necesary? Or can’t I remove it?

Perrota: I meant, worth a try asking 😛

Steitz: Isymm: I can’t find the issue behind post not going full width. could you kindly have a look at this page ?

Chaffer: I have been hammering my head for the past two hours already

Overall: I think I found the most straightforward piece of code in the wordpress source:

Barbone: Expanded url: WordPress/WordPress/blob/904f70c8e17013908760b3b964fbc2d7995590b1/wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/index.php#L41-L42">

Lammers: P4trix: I would also imagine, brute force attacks go through wp-login.php. you could p***word protect that, but you even need to exclude admin-ajax.php from that p***word protection so that plugins and your back end don’t break.

Petrullo: Pixolin, thats a very helpful sugestion. Thank you very much

Hillery: Indeed, im getting bruteforced.

Crisp: Who’s putting wp-core behind the public folder?

Moras: Nak, could you stop that now?

Anastasiades: I’m too lazy to argue with you

Sawada: Crisp l33t codes, right ?

Zadrozny: Crisp, ‘Idiots., idiots everywhere.’

Bela: Is that some kind of CSS selector insult ?

Iheme: Nak: it should trigger a message telling you to join Orchard-social for off topic chatter. Or /dev/null.

Pelch: Uh. pretty sure wordpress source is on topic

Vantuyl: Wait, it makes sense now

Hogg: Talking about wordpress source is forbidden, thusly the current state of the wordpress source

Zeeb: Thank you for opening my eyes

Crisp: How can I ignore someone?

Beeler: Oh i thought that was a very philosophical question, Duikb00t

Crisp: Done so now his messages won’t show up anymore

Crisp: Haha and that ‘here’ guy is always online.

Castanada: Winland: you broke my favorite toy

Delpriore: I still don’t mind OT in here as long as it’s not interfering with users needing help 😛

Plunket: Doesn’t even let me use .ot anymore

Crisp: More on -topic Im going to create a new site but this time without WPML, will it be

Crisp: Someone tried it already?

Panny: Qtranslate isn’t maintained any more

Zeals: Winland: I didn’t complain about that, did I? Just /ignored him and am feeling better now :

Buxton: There’s a qtranslate alternative on the repository

Mellow: Crisp: use qtranslate-x

Gieck: Pixolin: qTranslate X –

Genson: Keep in mind that you get tied in and will not be able to stop using it if you start using it because it injects tags in your code to separate languages

Britnell: Nice to see you, mpol. Missed you on Sunday!

Nigro: Pixolin: Never said you complained = 3

Mellow: Yes, I was really tired, so slept out and went to a birthday party

Stouten: Ah well … too much input on Sa****ay, eh? It was a great event.

Igneri: But I’m getting off topic, too

Mellow: Yes, I was already tired, because of home renovation. So Sa****ay was a bit too much. But maybe Sunday would have been the better day for me. Less business types, more contributors

Malbaurn: Hi, how do i change the captions of the navigation in the ACP

Malbaurn: For example Settings – SettingsABC

Billie: Malbaurn: Admin Menu Editor –