Hey guys. Very new to PHP..

Layfield: Forbidd3n you simply set the output dir to the dropbox dir, are you not sure how dropbox works?

Stumpp: Fris: that script that sterndata showed didn’t seem to have anything to do with dropbox. OH! Wait. You said it works the same way as windows. So I specify the dropbox dir in the cli and save to that dir, correct?

Mccluer: Mckern: per http://www.ralsonconstruction.com//wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/readme.txt, it’s not the most current version, but it’s close. I’d check the configuration of CF7 itself and if there are special options set for mailing with that form, reset them to the defaultish ones.

Layfield: You copy a file to the dropbox folder and it syncs it

Cantero: Fris: gotcha, now I understand

Layfield: No need for any cli tools other than copy

Pierpoint: Sorry for my misunderstanding. Thanks gentlemen!

Kurpinski: Hey guys, is my nginx configuration ok ? I’m trying to access my subdomain on a local multisite installation, http://pastebin.com/3rtzwUm9

Ibsen: Fris: do you have a bash script that restores WP from backup?

Layfield: Same way you backed it up but reverse ;

Layfield: Copy, unrar, import db

Cueva: Fris: Maybe through an index.html file up stating something so the site isn’t vulnerable during restore

Kosiorek: Maybe throw not through

Drader: Ugh, can’t type today

Vidro: Sterndata: looks like I’m getting somewhere:

Bounthapanya: Now I need to figure out how I can make that true for Farsi posts. :-/

Mcgrath: Neeku there is a plugin if you want to test your rtl site

Helmbrecht: Or there are for sure

Collum: Widoz: I know, but I don’t want to just test it. I need to implement it. testing it works fine

Graffney: Neeku: RTL Tester – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/rtl-tester/

Edminster: Neeku: what you mean exactly? what is a Farsi post?

Espinoza: Widoz: it’s a post that’s written in Farsi in my blog.

Bockenstedt: Ah sorry, didn’t know that is a language

Mikkelson: So you want to enqueue rtl.css even for non rtl browsers?

Kessler: What browser widoz? it’s a matter of the language I write my posts in.

Inzana: Widoz: rtl has Edwin to do with browser

Chiasson: Anyone here ever use google php api in a pluggin?

Kemmis: LindsayMac: Means if I set my browser in a rtl language the rtl.css will not be loaded?

Preheim: Ah depends by the text_direction value

Goerdt: Widoz: this is more to do with setting it via the doc

Catrambone: Yeah, I’m reading the is_rtl function

Wolfert: Sterndata: is is_rtl supposed to be added to functions.php which I created in my child theme folder?

Pardun: Anyone around with a little MysSQL knowledge perhaps?

Grodski: Some one know https://webiron.com/bot_feed it is reliable?

Elzey: Did Mark Zuckerberg create WordPress?

Sheperd: What might happen, if the define’WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘180M’; is set higher that what the server actually have?

Pushcar: There’s a new one http://cl.ly/image/3S1x2s2N0j2D

Rainbow: Where can I found others?

Gilfillan: Guimares: i wonder why some people don’t type their dumb questions into google to save embarr***ment.

Morgan: I always wonder why people feel it easier to ask stupid questions here than to start with google

Humfeld: I can’t code with shoes on

Elisondo: Hey guys. Very new to PHP. I’m playing around with WordPress and found myself a bit stumped. I’m iterating through a bunch of ‘posts’, creating rows and columns as I walk through them. Each ‘post’ has a “bio” that I’d like to append at the _end_ of the entire loop. What would be the best way to handle this? Push each description into an array and walk through that array after the posts-loop?