Hatfield: Jarlopez: what do you mean by “creating rows and columns”.

Franeo: Guimares: Using Bootstrap 2.3.2 scaffolding row-fluid and span6, to be specific.

Mennecke: Jarlopez: ok so front end rows and columns. not DB rows and columns

Betschart: For each item in $query-have_posts, I create a new span6 based on the data in the_post. Each post also has a “bio” field that I’d like to append to a new div below the front-end rows and columns

Bucklew: And I’m wondering what the best solution for this might be

Bosma: Hmm, so i have a woocommerce plugin, that fires ‘woocommerce_payment_successful_result’

Lambrakis: It works, the problem is after i make an order i get Error processing checkout. Please try again.

Lutze: The order submits and everything fine

Upmeyer: Jarlopez: just get the value of the field in the loop.

Laux: Jarlopez: paste your code

Lewelling: I think its because im not returning the right thing from my plugin

Kiebler: Guimares: http://pastebin.com/VfQxvJAa

Egeland: Line 19 points to the field which should be appended in .collected-bios

Margolies: Jarlopez: get_field ?

Fernades: Jarlopez: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Custom_Fields

Malich: Guimares: I appreciate that you’re responding with feedback. Do you have any specifcally related to my question?

Gilfillan: Get_field is not a wordpress function

Ursini: Jarlopez: yes. i asked what “get_field” was. and responded with the proper ppfunction to use.

Magin: Jarlopez: where did you get “get_field” from?

Gilfillan: Use get_post_meta instead of making up functions ;

Gapinski: Guimares: Got it from http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/get_field/

Leflore: Jarlopez: are you using Advance Custom Fields plugin?

Godine: Jarlopez: you think that might be important to include in your initial request for help?

Margarita: I didn’t think so, no, as my question is related to retaining data through a loop rather than anything specific to ACF

Tagupa: Jarlopez: the data comes from a field created by advanced custom fields. right?

Bickler: Jarlopez: thats pretty relevant

Naguin: And now it’s been brought to light!

Gaunt: Jarlopez: include all relevant infomation ESPECIALLY if you’re using plugins

Mellow: Sometimes determining what’s relevant can be difficult for a newcomer

Charisse: Now that you know that ACF has created the field, do you have any further feedback?

Andradez: Guimares, how do I get an image without it populating the width and height

Penfield: Jarlopez: do you get an error with the code you get?

Cartan: Guimares: No errors with that snippet, no

Andradez: A href=”?php echo site_url; ?”?php echo wp_get_attachment_image 38, ‘full’ ; ?/a

Yokoyama: Jarlopez: you have error reporting on and everything?

Andradez: That ‘full’ is what I don’t want

Taal: Yes. It renders as expected and no errors are seen

Servello: Dopie: why dont you want full? What DO you want?

Andradez: I want it to be responsive

Andradez: So width and height i don’t want to be set

Caradine: Dopie: wp_get_attachment_image gets a full img markup. You want wp_get_attachment_image_src

Ahmadi: Dopie: that said. i think its a bad idea to get the “full” image size and shrink it down. its going to result in large images squeezed into smallspaces

Drafall: Jarlopez: so it renders as expected. what is the problem?

Zemaitis: Dopie: correct. soo. what are you going to adjust?

Hyun: Guimares: Did you even read my initial question?

Andradez: Wp_get_attachment_image_src without full