Z-index is steching my.

Iredale: Znn, without read the code, the click creat a box with youtube iframe inside and autoplay

Iredale: But that’s more JS than CSS

Iredale: But maybe that was not your question znn

Tandy: Lukia: i’m sorry, but someone rung

Zinner: The video seems to get bigger and bigger until it reaches its max-width, and when you hit the close button, the styling of the video starts at the max-width and decreases in size, and eventually the modal disappears

Connell: That’s the animation i’m referring to

Iredale: The animation inside the vid ? to be sure

Helde: Lukia: the animation that reveals the embedded video

Vaughen: Doesn’t do anything without JS

Iredale: It is make with transition

Iredale: JS add a cl*** to the box appear

Iredale: All value for anything is set to 0

Iredale: And when you click, the cl*** is added and all the value get their true value

Iredale: From 0 to x the transition propriety make the magic :

Iredale: Transition: all 300ms ease 0s;

Iredale: First rule of the main box

Iredale: To have a transition, you need start value.

Iredale: So it means, a zero value by default, and a final value who is in the cl*** triggered by JS

Marangoni: Can anyone please explain?

Lodrigue: Some use body{margin: 0;}

Lodrigue: Http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/box.html

Lodrigue: And works properly in chrome: http://jsfiddle.net/oLasv5fx/ blimpse, check your typos.

Branan: Lol, it was ‘backgound’. :

Iredale: Oh yeaaah fill my backgound !

Iredale: I hope “gound” isn’t a slang for any human hole

Leitzke: Lukia: thanks lukia, that makes sense

Bohm: Ive created a search form which expands when hovering with a css transition, but when i “unhover” the transition will not unexpand the search form. have i missed something?

Lodrigue: Bohm, yeh, put the transition rule on the form, not the hover

Bohm: Lodrigue: ok will do that thanks

Sessom: Anyone know how to view source code for an HTML5 banner ad?

Riffon: I don’t understand this. I’ve got a div with 2 other divs in it, all set to height 100%, but the 2 child divs seem to expand beyond the page

Simmon: As in, the scrollbars on them are cut off

Castillanos: Even if I set the parent to height: 90%, the children still expand too much

Seigler: I’ve got something weird going on. i copied the PHP to generate a bunch of radios with their cl***es. so its an exact copy on another page. i also added the CSS to that new location so it’d share the CSS from the first location. the file is embedded and some CSS is attached to the radios

Sammer: The CSS tries to target labels with #forname

Warholic: Reisio: are you able to pull the CSS etc?

Sukut: While the html tag has an “for” attribute onthere

Canino: Jen_: if the browser is rendering it, and it’s not using a binary plugin, you can view it

Beddoe: So CSS should really target it via labelfor=email right?

Gironda: Dr-007: can’t say without seeing the code

Yardley: Labelfor=email selects label elements with ‘for’ attributes that have the value ’email’

Stitt: Yeah, so its weird that the hastag method is being used to target the for attribute

Grode: It’s simply a hash, or pound symbol

Adie: Or id selector indicator

Allamong: You know how we call this?

Kabanuck: A huge blue linksys modem

Montreuil: According to south park

Xiao: Anyway, when i add labelfor=”edit-skin-home”, it works

Dearmore: Https://jsfiddle.net/t8ouymfk/ — how to make my yellow parts clickable. D:

Farid: Z-index is steching my buttox D: