Here is the one i used for.

Dermody: Stopgap: I could code something for you

Dermody: Stopgap: what’s your budget?

Moltrie: Thanks for the offer, but I wouldn’t get away with that as I can code such a thing myself – I was just trying to avoid that step was all if there was something out there already.

Dermody: Opsec: ah cheers matey

Vogeler: If you cant enqueue a javascript file i wouldnt really look for a paid job :p

Fara: Question: My Mate says there was an option to add/select phonewhen creating a post – “add post” window and it would add a pile of code that adds the number to the banner, so I found the code:

Fara: But it doesnt seem to appear at the add post, I found it in template files – template.php

Vogeler: By default it doesnt you would need add_meta_box

Primavera: Rapid:

Fara: But it will add it to the “add new” page where I create the new post

Marmas: Rapid: Types –

Vogeler: Thats what add meta box does

Fara: Ok thanks, ill check both of the links u guys provided.

Dermody: Fris: but now it won’t load the files in the media library, let alone upload any new ones

Vogeler: Just adding the js wont do it

Maietta: Hi guys. A question. The source code on core.trac is not implemented in the current wp trunk, instead how can I get it? In my case I’m looking for

Vogeler: Why not just use the settings api cl*** and be done with it :p

Vogeler: Then you dont have to enqueue anything

Dermody: Where do i find that again?

Vogeler: Literlly like 5 lines of code

Vogeler: wordpress-settings-api-cl***">Https://***

Vogeler: wordpress-settings-api-cl***/blob/master/example/procedural-example.php">Https://***/blob/master/example/procedural-example.php

Blok: Im creating a sprite image of team member CPT, fired on add_action’publish_cpt_teammembers’ and add_action’update_cpt_teammembers’; but this seems to be firing too early and I have to press update twice, is there a better action I can hook on to in the update process that will ensure the image info is updated already ?

Dermody: Fris: so where do i go stick all that code?

Vogeler: Add an include for the settins cl***, and do the field array

Dermody: Ok so stick all this code in a separate file?

Vogeler: Yes, so your theme is properly structured

Vogeler: Not a 10,000 line functions file

Dermody: Then include it in funcitons?

Vogeler: Includeget_template_directory . ‘/inc/***.inc.php’; etc

Jeng: I can’t believe you’re still in this, fris!

Vogeler: You wont need an array that big in the example, he just made it with all the possible options, text fields, textarea, upload, etc

Dermody: Jeng: he’s teaching me valuable stuff

Dermody: Show him some respect

Arkins: Opsec: Just wondering, did you recieve any responses?

Vogeler: Dermody the screenshot i showed the array was only 3 fields

Lokan: Noahmg123: nope. try making another user on

Lokan: Noahmg123: also, use another email address.

Dermody: Fris: i just added this to the top of functions.php

Dermody: Includeget_template_directory . ‘/inc/settings-api.php’;

Vogeler: Is the file called that :p

Dermody: So now i can use things from that file right?

Vogeler: Cl***.settings-api.php is the filename it is

Vogeler: Unless you renamed it

Dermody: Ok so now i need to call some array elements from it?

Vogeler: Https://

Vogeler: Here is the one i used for just the 3 fields