Jak2000 it doens’t include.

Austria: That’s what I’m trying to do

Shibles: Are you trying to run the function on window scroll?

Vuolo: So I don’t have to call the function

Speece: And before window scroll

Orduna: Call it before window scroll to initialize

Schimming: That’s very different than what you’re doing here.

Nanas: AnFunc is getting ***igned to the return of that IIFE.

Mossa: You’ll need to call that function twice.

Vormwald: I know I’m doing it totally wrong. I need help

Bleiweiss: Okay, so I need to do it the standard way

Fillare: Call the function both inside and outside of window.scroll

Spatafora: Http://jsfiddle.net/robertmaxrees/1b1gqvvf/1/

Peoples: Err, http://jsfiddle.net/robertmaxrees/1b1gqvvf/2/

Plum: Elü? Anyüne who wonts hülp mi?

Mcwright: I answered you earlier.

Mattila: Got a in your function def

Ferreri: Hah, that’s bad, too.

Boughton: Okay thanks robertmaxrees. I was thinking there would be a way to call it automatically outside of window.scroll

Studer: JosefDe use event delegation – check out the two URLs I sent.

Diotte: Yeah robertmaxrees I know what you mean. Thanks man.

Pirkey: I am follow the basic sample: http://www.jquery-steps.com/Examples here my fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jamiguel77/he42tuy9/ but not work any advice?

Salmi: Great first place to start.

Baken: Jak2000 you can’t use https://github.com/rstaib/jquery-steps/blob/master/build/jquery.steps.js for the external lib link

Akbar: Robertmaxrees: bot hüw shüll I üse it?

Heddins: Jak2000 you need to use something like https://rawgit.com/

Saran: How can i query ‘.grid .col:after’ to change broder color?

Berreth: Sal you can’t target :after with jquery

Stachowiak: JosefDe those links explain it.

Halfacre: Read them and try – if you’re still lost, show us some code.

Grzelak: So theres no way to change the limited length border?

Broder: Afaik you cannot target those psuedos

Gaughan: Robertmaxrees: http://jsfiddle.net/jamiguel77/he42tuy9/1/

Rachar: Since they’re not actually apart of the DOM

Siegert: Robertmaxrees: So I shall write my own event handler and check in there whether the event is already bound?

Njoku: JosefDe did you read the links?

Poxon: Because that’s not what they say at all.

Akmal: Robertmaxrees: I had read those pages before

Motsinger: You need to use the delegated syntax of .on

Elling: Which you’re not doing.

Whetsell: Jak2000 works for me.

Heline: Clicking links shuffles around.

Lehrer: Jak2000 you need to add css to do those.

Mateiro: Robertmaxrees: Ah so you mean e. g. $ “body .myElement” instead of $”.myElement”?

Kappe: Mmmm then isnt not good tutorial :

Hapke: Robertmaxrees: Then what do you mean?

Fellin: Http://i.imgur.com/FhRJfz5.png

Formichelli: JosefDe this part of the docs.

Mileski: Robertmaxrees: isn’t it the same I’ve told you in my last sentence?

Demattos: JosefDe read the page please

Kuhnke: You’ll notice that second example is not like what you just asked.

Mattila: Sal: try doing this. create a css cl*** like .something .col:after { whatever } and try adding that cl*** to your .grid element

Gooding: Http://www.jquery-steps.com/GettingStarted#basic never never tell use of CSS :

Stack: JosefDe http://i.imgur.com/z6gkTJB.png

Panza: Jak2000 it doens’t include the css in the repo.