You have to resigne the.

Celi: Robertmaxrees: And what’s the difference to: $ “body .myElement”?

Capozzoli: JosefDe the do***entation i just screenshotted for you explains the different.

Dandrea: JosefDe “On a data table with 1,000 rows in its tbody, this example attaches a handler to 1,000 elements: $ “#dataTable tbody tr” .on “click”, function {.”

Berube: Something like: .grid .col:after{} and .col:after{}

Castell: JosefDe An event-delegation approach attaches an event handler to only one element, the tbody, and the event only needs to bubble up one level from the clicked tr to tbody: $ “#dataTable tbody” .on “click”, “tr”, function {

Sanquenetti: I copied that information directly from the do***entation screenshots i did for the relevant bits of .on

Basse: Robertmaxrees: Now I’m getting the idea

Creedon: Or, i need another way to do it

Straface: Robertmaxrees: In my case we don’t have something like the table. I have my body and I have seperate div’s

Garzia: Let me show you guys, so maybe you coulf give me a better idea

Mainord: Http://

Merine: If you read the docs, it explains everything.

Ohme: Robertmaxrees: So what shall I do instead of: $’body .myDivCl***’.on’click’, function {.}?

Yahne: To create the grid, i’m using a normal css grid with rows and cols

Palmerin: JosefDe why aren’;t you reading any of this?

Truglio: You need the second argument to .on

Jollimore: Then, to make the small little delimiter lines on the top letters area, i’m using col:after

Mckerlie: Do you think there could be a better way?

Steptoe: Robertmaxrees: So like this?: $’body’.on’click’, ‘myDivCl***’, function {.}?

Blackstone: I need it to be in % vecause it has to be responsive

Suoboda: Fix that second arg, but yes JosefDe

Lemley: Robertmaxrees: let me see

Majors: I was also thinking on creating divs using jquery

Gitzen: So, i create 12 vert and 12 hor

Choules: And some start before others so they get to be longer

Lego: All in absolute positioning

Debeaumont: Robertmaxrees: Does that also work, if I call that instruction multiple times?

Lorenzini: Robertmaxrees: o downloaded jsteps, and not work same as jsfiddle, how to convert the file with headers ?

Hellberg: JosefDe you only need to call it once in your code.

Bridendolph: Robertmaxrees: You see. You haven’t understood my problemm

Girdler: JosefDe you said newly added elements aren’t being recognized by your event handler, right?

Mesplay: Robertmaxrees: At the beginning I’ve said, that I’m recalling the event-binding instruction, because I’m loading new data via Ajax, which also have to be bound to the same event

Grim: Robertmaxrees: correct

Clemon: Right, and you don’t re-bind when using delegation.

Michard: You run the code once, never again.

Zerphey: Because you don’t need to.

Camino: That’s why i asked you to read the pages I linked about delegation.

Steeno: All of that is explained.

Mattila: Sal: whats the user interaction with this element?

Rezak: He can change the grid color

Mattila: Sal: i’ve never used them before, but have you looked into using a canvas element?

Wehrly: And see, comparing same coind but from different years, if elemenst are in the same grid area

Zhen: Mattila, i had it in canvas before

Delap: Http:// how do i select the next sibling with cl*** “yes” if i have $‘pdata=“first”.yes’ ? Basically I only know the first data attribute, and not the subsequent

Mizee: But its hard to get it responsive

Gedney: You have to resigne the entire thing over and over