Guimares: amusingly just.

Samora: Carnevale: it does not get a bad rap.

Santagata: Carnevale: the people who tend ot use it and come here looking for help do.

Carney: Guimares: Preferrably not actually.

Carney: I have new uploads going to /wp-content/uploads/podcasts/author/year/month

Elpert: Carney: well then where do you want the file to upload? And when you do a var_dump of $_POST do you not see the file upload at all?

Sachez: Carnevale: I use ACF when doing custom posty stuff

Noteboom: ACF is fine. its the users who arent most of the time

Sachez: Good luck satisfying that client

Santacruce: There any jQuery plugins tha could tackle it?

Sachez: Hmmm.

Menietto: It shouldnt be that hard to go back to a client and say “hey. this is something that is so outside of left field that no existing plugin will do what you want to do. this means that every developer of all of these really well known and accepted and widely used plugins decided that doing this was a bad idea or such a bad idea that the number of people who even tried it is so small its not worth worrying abou

Sterpka: I mean, this has to be the EASIEST case to argue against ever.

Sachez: I agree with Guimares. Ask the client, ‘Why do you want it do do that? What are we trying to get the user to do?” Then you can suggest alternatives.

Jamin: Although if youre incapable of understanding what the client ACTUALLY needs and why. then I suppose you’re stuck.

Steenberg: But thats YOUR problem, not the client’s

Benyo: You cant blame the client for making bad programming decisions. Theyre not programmers. Blame the developer for not being able to understand what the client actually wants and educating them based on that.

Babitsch: Guimares, thanks for your p***ionate opinions, just weighing my options here while I wait a response from the client

Haralson: BTW have you seen that blogspot dedicated to you ripping off someone haha

Perrotta: Zren_: wtf is there to weigh? you’ve spent supposed hours on this already

Chevez: No I haven’t, just had time to jump back in and see if there’s anyone else in the room

Giambattista: So i’m trying to decide how I want to deal with setting images as “private” . can’;t decide exactly how I want to manage it .

Sachez: I think it’s time to give Mr. Stinky Cat a bath.

Wolinski: Sachez: umm. if your cat smells, you might want to take it to the vet.

Rabito: Guimares, you’ve seen the website?

Sachez: Been there, done that. Chronic IBD.

Cottom: Sachez: aw man that ****s

Bue: Sachez:

Sachez: Haaga: at this point, he’s used to it.

Guggemos: So I need to store an ever-changing array of values in the db

Fitgerald: The array will have values added to it or removed from it based on click links. Kind of like a real-time checkbox type of thing would do. A list of checkbox and as you check off or uncheck something it adds or removes that value

Draffen: Just deciding on how I want to manage such a thing inside of a meta field. If i want a serialized array OR a json string of arrays

Carvell: Hey folks, I’m migrating a wordpress setup over to a new host, however whenever I try and access /wp-admin, it’s 302ing me to https which I don’t have set up yet. Any idea how I can fix that? :

Mccorvey: Theres no key/value pair

Kaufusi: Azelphur: did you follow all of the instructions for migrating wordpress as listed on the WP codex

Pawlowicz: Azelphur: and did you have SSL set up on the old host and not on the new one?

Chester: Guimares: no I didn’t, I just grabbed the files and sqldumped. Yes that’s correct SSL on old but not on new yet

Gallop: Azelphur: you should undo what you did and read the instructions first

Whitcome: Widell:

Bagheri: Guimares: amusingly just looking at it now, it says “If database and URL remain the same, you can move by just copying your files and database. “