I mean if it’s join ok woul.

Schiffert: Lmat: these roll-your-own functions/procedures have a serious problem in that it seems like they try to select from mysql.user first to see “if the user exists”. but normally someone really shouldn’t need permission to read from mysql.user to be able to issue GRANT or DROP USER statements .

Clock: Danfield: I want to drop the user because I want to create the user!

Keiter: Use REVOKE the GRANT and don’t worry about creating users.

Keiter: GRANT will create the user for you if it needs to!

Nicola: Keiter: That’s deprecated.

Blafield: Keiter: But it does sound nifty!

Stoviak: See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/grant.html

Compo: Keiter: Maybe I should just use it until I have 10.1 after which I was have drop user if exists.

Keiter: However, use of GRANT to create accounts or define nonprivilege characteristics is deprecated as of MySQL 5.7.6. Instead, perform these tasks using CREATE USER or ALTER USER

Schaecher: Has anybody tried PAM for MySQL auth?

Keiter: So MariaDB is probably doing something similar in 10.1

Keiter: Lmat: I completely forgot that they were deprecating this.

Schiffert: Keiter: no, MariaDB probably won’t ever bother removing that, but who knows

Newmon: Keiter: Well.I’ll just use it since I’m not on 10.1 yet :-S

Schaecher: Brittman: what did you use on a server side?

Schaecher: Brittman: is it because there is no opensource alternative?

Brittman: Schaecher: express was free and worked well, source code be damned

Brittman: Winbind seemed pretty broken at the time, not sure if it was user error

Brittman: Obviously the goal was to auth against active directory

Losh: Snoyes: yer jobs err fine!

Reinschmidt: So I have table A which has a foreign key to Table B which one of the fields has a foreign key to table C. I would like to create a view using table A foreign key to table B to get elements from table C, Do I need to do a JOIN for this?

Brittman: SmashingX: views sometimes perform worse than queries against base tables, especially when you start stringing them together

Brittman: SmashingX: are you using this to implement security or save typing?

Tantum: Because I need that view for my website

Clolinger: Brittman: I need a view no matter what

Smolder: Because my website loads views

Warmington: I’m just thinking on how to approach this problem that I don’t know how to solve

Yeo: Trying to update a tables rows to match against another table in another database. I’m getting a foreign key constraint that I don’t understand how can be happening. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=5NphJLxH

Shimsky: I don’t know if a good way to do it would be with a JOIN or maybe I don’t need it

Rivenberg: An dprobably I’m just overthinking it

Kacik: It’s telling me that the attribute_id 51 would be duplicated, but if i issue the same as a select, rather than an update i can only see that attribute_id would be 51 once?

Moravek: More nicely formatted SQL – http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ea52Cntt

Binggeli: And simplified table structure, for point of the question

Correl: SmashingX: With what? All you need is trivial join

Drybread: Well sorry but I’m a noob for me is not trivial at all and I don’t know what would be the best approach

Correl: SmashingX: Learn SQL then

Correl: Aeiou: This error is not generated by MySQL

Affelt: Im not saying give me the SQL Risse, I’m saying how can I solve this problem

Bacha: SmashingX: Very basic join information: http://hashmysql.org/index.php?title=Introduction_to_Joins – For more indepth info: http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/mysql-db-design-ch5.pdf

Melsheimer: I mean if it’s join ok woul dbe good to know why and if I don’t need a join why