Now that this channel is.

Wisinski: That feel when hover states that were working 3 hours ago magically stop working

Kasee: ~ label:before {

Eberst: Its not liking that suddenly

Agresta: Even though it was working

Sidles: Moved where the “:hover” was and it started working

Lovas: Guessing you moved the hover left and it fixed the problem?

Touch: Plamb: the ~ selector ***umes a “start ~ end” order, which might be your bug

Mazzie: Simple beginner ’em’ question please help:,css,output

Chee: Whats up with the format created by the css generator

Wiatrek: Background-color: #cdeb8e; // Old browsers

Hedrington: I put that code into a css file and it doesn’t work which seems to make sense

Nasuti: Bc it doesnt look like valid css to me

Showell: Http://

Tecklenburg: Specifically,a5c956+100;Green+3D+%232

Mewborn: Leptone: they’re setting a default background color for when the browser doesn’t support a gradient

Callies: Ok but i compied that text and put it in a css file

Goerlich: And im not seeing a background color or any change

Kepke: Jarvo: browser has a “h1 { font-size: 2em }” which is *****ing with your results

Fassio: Mbm: doesnt my code overwrite it?

Lorson: Https://

Melendes: Https://

Paradee: Why arent my background styles displaying

Starnold: Mbm: got it, thanks a lot

Shadburn: Leptone: probably because you pasted directly into your .css without specifying any selector first

Dinkens: Oh so all of that should be in like an:

Cipriani: Is there a way to select elements that have a data- attribute?

Ellias: Cipriani: wouldn’t that be something like *data-whatever ?

Cipriani: Mbm: Yeah, but I want the “whatever” to be a wildcard

Cipriani: I want to select *anything* that has a data- attribute

Talarico: Cipriani and do what with them?

Cipriani: Duch_kazatel: Doesn’t matter, I’m just asking if I can select them

Wessel: Hmm, can’t think of any easy way

Cipriani: That’s what I thought :

Cobbin: Could do it with a few lines of javascript

Schmeider: Actually it can matter depending on your end goal, but yeah.

Cipriani: Duch_kazatel: I’m telling you that it doesn’t

Lodrigue: Cipriani,

Dziduch: Your end goal could be totally relevant, but okay.

Cipriani: Lodrigue: Those are cl***es, though – not attributes

Lodrigue: I know. readt the sample :

Lodrigue: Cl*** is attribute also

Bortz: That’s partial attribute value, not name.

Cipriani: Duch_kazatel: We have a lot of legacy cruft and we also have a new set of consistent design patterns that we are using for our new components. We want to apply some styles to all components leveraging the one differentiating factor that they have, and that factor happens to be that they are the first things that use data- attributes.

Cipriani: That’s the answer to your question

Leake: Yep – fantastic. a lot of times, when somebody has a very strange question like that, the original premise is kind of. off. so i was simply making sure there wasn’t a cleaner approach :

Cipriani: Also, we can’t get buy-in on changing the old stuff so have to make a pattern around gradually deprecating it

Jimbo: Hrm. i’d maybe just add a cl*** to everything in the back end and bite the bullet there.

Swonke: Now that this channel is alive again . anyone know how to do an overflow visible and scroll? eg, overflow-x:visible; overflow-y:scroll . if you try the css like that overflow-x gets converted to overflow-x:hidden