Gremlyn: hmmm. I guess I.

Krzyzanowski: And my customizer is broken, the screen won’t load

Klinekole: The thing keeps spinning

Fonteboa: Gremlyn: curious why you’re using $record-getName and $record-getSlug . shoudl they not be the same thing?

Kleekamp: Gegagome: those two things are not related

Ponce: My app’s records don’t line up with pages

Headen: Ok. so thats one of the places my confusion was coming from.

Tysseling: The customizer and MU Domain Mapping?

Wojtas: Hi every body , i want to have a news page seprate from fron-page that will show all posts , how can i do it ?

Lougee: Gremlyn: what function are you using these params with? Can I see the rest of your code

Cerutti: Gegagome: the domain mapping pluign being integrated into core and your issue are not related

Dishian: Abbas__: Google result for wordpress static front page –

Jeng: Abbas__: what’s going to be on your front page?

Dry: Abbas__: this is a BASIC wp question which you can answer very easily with google.

Brohl: Scavotto, there is so much code it’d take you days to really understand everything surrounding it

Wedman: I’m using this wordpress-sdk">

Recalde: Which does the actual handling of the WP xmlrpc api, and then I use a a few layers of http transports and adapters to send the data through

Freeman: Scavotto: do you know how to bring back the customizer? My main point is that if MU Domain Mapping is dead, how long will it be before I could use such feature in 4.4

Solow: I kind of need it now

Aubrecht: I’m fairly confident the issue isn’t in my code since everything else works flawlessly

Aarant: Gremlyn if you do a var_dump$page_params; after defining the $page_params does that have the correct data ?

Danas: I suppose I haven’t tried capturing the actual post request that gets sent through to make sure it is formed correctly, but if it wasn’t, I would ***ume the pages wouldn’t be created at all

Trapeni: Gegagome: its not dead.

Tappis: Gremlyn: check the $_POST just in case.

Kleen: Scavotto, I got a good one for you

Bonadonna: Scavotto: I want to believe you, but the post pretty much says otherwise

Lodense: Gremlyn yes check if you are sending the correct data first

Astorino: Gegagome: your reading comprehension is poor

Oberman: Gegagome: gegagome: its just not going to be updated because its going to be folded into core! Its not dead. work on the project hasnt stopped. it just moved towards core. The current plugin as it stands works

Codding: Even if the post name is the same it will get created

Tankard: Gegagome:

Chaiken: Sylla just looking at your snippet, i can only guess that ‘post_name’ = $record-getSlug is not the correct value, possibly helped if you showed that getSlug does aswell but probably debug to make sure its the correct value

Gabby: Gegagome:

Gazitano: Well the request is formed properly, but missing the post_name field :

Hazelhurst: Thanks for forcing me to look int he right place!

Minar: Gremlyn: well there ya gave it. your getSlug function is not working

Sa: Scavotto, not it seems to be after that

Scheib: But at least I have an idea of where to look

Faltus: Gremlyn: does the getSlug return a string or array?

Steich: Could anyone take a look at my code***iN2 and see if there’s anything obviously wrong with it? I can’t get it to display any meta box

Beilstein: It’s 17 lines so not that much :

Nantz: Gremlyn: hmmm. I guess I would look at the code thats processing the args into the $_POST then