Good morning all. I’m.

Venible: Can you think of a situation where it wouldnt be stored in that table ?

Sachez: Venible: a bad theme?

Sachez: Venible: what are you trying to accomplish?

Venible: Im trying to migrate a site from wpengine locally, so mod hostfile

Sachez: Venible: move the site?

Russo: Canestraro: Are you still about? I’m really struggling with just how to do this AJAX page load thing

Mordino: Wish this wasn’t in WordPress, such a stupid way to do it

Venible: Theres a multi sites setup so i had to get that out of the way first

Sachez: Export your database on wpengine and import it on local

Sachez: Venible: oh, multisite.

Venible: I managed to get the multi site with subdomain works locally, now im struggling to make it behave like the production install

Sachez: Venible: I don’t do multisite questions. over my pay grade

Skerrett: Sachez: boom

Clougherty: Anyone got any other ideas for loading in pages into a div from WordPress with AJAX? I can only find information for plugins.

Goth: I have a page I’m using as a special 404 and I would like the content to simply be a dynamic statement, “Could not find $username”. How can I do this in WordPress?

Venible: Is not using the setup

Sachez: WorldsEndless: edit the template file 404.php

Yonker: Fran__: I ***ume you’ve already read through ?

Synovic: WorldsEndless: yeah, I’m just really struggling with the concept

Swirsky: Fran__: What have you tried/

Grago: If I was doing this non-WP I would just have basic html in files and load them into the div with AJAX using jQuery. But I just can’t get my head around the proper WP structure for this

Legendre: Fran__: Have you tried just putting them into text widgets?

Fishburne: If I have a page, with custom fields and all the content in there, how do I get the entire content from that page and just load it into a div? I don’t get it. And also, how do I handle the templating for it?

Desmith: WorldsEndless: can’t be text widgets. has to be pages

Throgmorton: Shouldnt the 404 page be could not find the search query not username?

Krage: Client wants to create pages themselves and input all their content. then, I need to build a microsite which is fine. except they want a fancy page transition

Fannon: Which means it has to be AJAX

Beresford: Fran__: Hangon. The previous developers of some sites I work on did something similar; let me see how they pulled it off

Franceschi: Let me throw together a dev version so I can show you what I’ve got

Altonen: Http:// first image need to make background alpha?

Norko: The bottom I used a similiar pattern but its not lining up correctly

Richarson: Fran__, it’s very easy to do. :

Richarson: Is it the js/jquery post request you are making?

Richarson: Or is it which ajax action to use?

Lasenby: Fran__: The way it was handled on current sites, they put it in to a shortcode which generates the kind of jquery/html code you’re familiar with

Beathe: WorldsEndless: that sounds doable

Joor: It’s more about how to get the content

Wessel: Fran__: Are you using ACF or a different custom field module?

Cantarella: If it was just the_content then I could probably grab the page id, and just call the_contentid and store that

Weemes: Fran__: So you just need to get the target page ID and you can use the_field or get_field and should be good to go

Nollora: Good morning all. I’m having some issue with a custom post_type and comstom post_type template located w/in my custom plugin. For some reason the output in the second file of the following gist is outputting a post_type of “page”. What am I missing here?