Hi fris and thanks. in my.

Diiulio: I know this sounds like a mad way to do it but I’m wondering if I could save down all content they put into a page editor inc all acf fields and organise it into a .html file on the server

Mozga: And everytime they save, it updates that particular file

Trowbridge: Then I just call from my folder of pages

Penado: Fran__: Yeah, that does sound mad :

Chhour: I’m just throwing up my example so far

Nollora: Richarson: string4 “page”

Richarson: I only saw the first snippet

Throgmorton: Nollora that will echo the id for any request

Throgmorton: Not just the post tyope

Throgmorton: You need to target your own post type

Richarson: Nollora, why the complex schenanigans ? what are you trying to accomplish? heh

Nollora: Fris: I’ve been following this example: wordpress–wp-31088">http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/plugin-templating-within-wordpress–wp-31088

Richarson: I’m a template_include ***** at the moment and confused at what you’re up to ;

Nollora: I should mention I am an applications developer but the WP framework is foriegn to me. So, I’m still on a bit of a learning curve.

Throgmorton: You need to add the check for your post type

Nollora: Richarson: As am I. Lol. I’ve just been following the example. Not entirely sure what I’m doing at this point. However, there is some other extensive work doing much more w/in my plugin. The template part is where is starting to break down for me.

Richarson: Nollora, in the example, it checks for the proper post type before loading the template

Throgmorton: If get_post_type $post_id

Richarson: Annnnnnd fris always beats me

Nollora: Richarson: I’m trying to output my custom post type in a custom template for both archive and single post view. If that makes sense.

Richarson: Nollora, yeah but check the example you pasted to us— the link/tutorial — it checks for the post type before running anything. the template_include hook fires off on any request pretty much, regardless the post type

Nollora: Richarson: I’m trying to output my custom post_type to custom archive and single post templates included w/in my plugin not the template. If that makes sense.

Throgmorton: Http://pastebin.com/3UNvRV7x

Throgmorton: If thats the post type name,and thats thelocation

Trevorrow: Does anyone know the meaning of the ver=4.3.1 or ver=2013-07. that appears in developer tools when looking at CSS for wordpress? screenshot https://www.evernote.com/l/AOOcI9B0h-VAH6yuzoWk40dDB0J4uSYDUq8B/image.png

Trevorrow: Trying to see fi there is a way to distinguish between my stylesheets and default

Nollora: Fris: Okay, so, implemented the provided solution but wasn’t seeing the correct template. Becuase wp_dievar_dumpget_query_var’post_type’; is empty.

Kwiecien: Trevorrow: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_style

Sachez: Look at last parameter, $version

Trevorrow: Sachez: thanks. i had no idea this tied into what was displayed in developer tools. :

Trevorrow: I do enqueu because it is a child theme, but see two different values. how can i tell where these are coming from?

Drugan: Y2j http://bit.ly/1jqTytz first image need to make background alpha?

Michelena: Y2j the bottom I used a similiar pattern but its not lining up correctly

Sachez: Trevorrow: for the same file?

Trevorrow: Sachez: $ver is true or false so not understanding how this relates

Throgmorton: Trevorrow if no version is set, it will use the wp version 4.3.1 if its using a custom one like 2013-etcetc then the enqueue line is calling a custom version #

Sachez: It can be a string or a boolean

Sachez: If “true”, it uses the WP version. If a string, it uses that. if false, no version is appeneded.

Trevorrow: Hi fris and thanks. in my child theme, i dont specify anyting.