Does the theme.

Miklos: Wp_delete_post’123′,0;

Trevorrow: Im using a shortcode to display custom posts types in a certain order. all display well except 3. Trying to troubleshoot. Can anyone look at my screenshots and code?***ent/d/1WuPNwcC7YemRRxaNwGWmZBEMW4zSlc0EuOca_q_ZKKk/edit?usp=sharing

Dirico: Sachez: its a object. and its the state that it was before it was deleted. draft in this case . “if it was deleted, $post represents its state before deletion.”

Miklos: Although false 0 is the default, so wp_delete_post’123′ should suffice

Sachez: Hmm. if you delete a draft from the UI, does it go to trash or is it permanently deleted?

Pierron: I think its the bool thing then. 0 instead of false

Miklos: Yeah,***_Tag_Parameters#Bool

Sachez: False and true are approriate PHP things.

Vanderlip: But. “0 = FALSE = false”

Miklos: But you still p*** a boolean value, its just explaining what those booleans represent

Sachez: OK. 1 I create a post named “test” and save as draft

Sachez: 2 click “move to trash”

Mumme: Yepp. tried that now and it end up in the trash

Cardova: This time ill try 0 instead of false

Miklos: Oh didn’t do that

Yoshikawa: Wait. i missed the false statement last time i tested. haha. but it didnt work erlier. trying both now

Miklos: Omitting the false argument will imply false anyway, its the default

Banco: No not working with false or 0

Fryling: Does it have something to do with that it is a CPT?

Sachez: OK, so let’s all go to and look at line 2615

Miklos: You could perhaps try wp_trash_post

Takashima: Sachez: looking at row 2615

Miklos: Looks like force delete is only functional if post_type==post

Miklos: So yeah, might not function properly with a CPT Jpegtobbe. You might want to leverage wp_trash_post instead

Venible: Does anybody know what I have to do to copy the theme over a new local install, coming from wpengine ?

Sachez: Venible: a theme? you should be able to just copy the files

Ellicott: Ok so then we solved that. Is that seen as a bug or a lack of feature hehe

Sachez: Venible: the settings, however, are in the db

Sachez: When in doubht, Jpegtobbe, go to the code!

Venible: Sachez: copying the theme folder, the settings are in commonly named db tables or is it different tables depending ont he theme

Sachez: Venible: theme settings are i wp_options

Kleinhans: Venible:

Sachez: Fun new functions coming: get_the_post_thumbanil_url

Timmer: I don’t like that return on get sterndata

Esplin: Why empty string, that seems backwards

Blander: I guess because the just echo’s it

Sachez: Haaga: put in a ticket!

Felman: Http:// third image in I can’t seem to remove the greyish background from the icon using latest esstentialgrid

Sachez: Y2j: the surrounding container has a background color that shows thorugh the transparency in the image you’re putting over it

Throgmorton: I doubt this will work in ie right?

Haver: Ok thanks can’t find the css though on the color

Sario: Stillwagon: Using firebug

Sachez: The background is on .eg-client-portfolio-element-3

Sachez: If I disable background-color: rgba0,0,0,0.15; then I see what I think you want to see

Sachez: Y2j: Stillwagon is a bot, not a person.

Venible: Does the theme customizations are also in wp_options ?